How do you remove wax and black soot from candle containers?

How do you remove wax and black soot from candle containers?
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  • Mickey Baron Mickey Baron on Dec 09, 2016

    I use good ol Hot, soapy water. I'm not sure what your container is. But, hot water loosens up the wax & it should peel off easily.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 09, 2016

    Or you can place ice cubes inside to harden the wax enough to be able to scrape out. Then wash with hot soapy water and a dish rag until the black soot comes off.

  • Judith Judith on Dec 09, 2016

    I put mine in the freezer for a bit and it comes right out.

  • Pms10131067 Pms10131067 on Dec 10, 2016


  • Dmotan Dmotan on Dec 12, 2016

    If not plastic I put in oven on a sheet pan layered with lots of paper towels. When still warm I clean with throw away rags. I would not put in dishwasher if there is wax as it can clog dishwasher. B

  • Brenda Brenda on Dec 12, 2016

    The soot should just wipe out with a paper towel while it is still dry.

    The freezer trick works for removing the candle. I have also seen a bit of mineral oil work when my Grandma helped exchange votive candle in church.

  • Melissa V Melissa V on Dec 12, 2016

    I was going to ask the same question!!! So far, I have tried everything but the oven idea...I'm getting tired of looking at the crowd (11-13) of little glass tea light candleholders that I have near my kitchen sink...and that isn't even all of them! I could be using them! Tonight- the oven!