Does anyone know what to use to clean fake wood blinds?

New blinds seem to have a residue that has collected dirt. I cannot just dust it off. Any suggestions?
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  • Accentuations! Accentuations! on Apr 23, 2015
    Are they wood? Vinyl? I took vinyl blinds out doors and hung them over a line. I mixed a spray bottle full of water and a few drops of (blue) Dawn dishwashing soap and sprayed them down thoroughly. Let them sit about 10 minutes and then took the garden hose on a light spray and rinsed. Let them drip dry for a bit and back up they went. Another thought would be that if you thought it was a gluey residue you could wipe each slat with a soft cloth using a bit of "Goof Off"....followed by a wipe off with another dry, soft cloth.

  • Lin Lin on Apr 23, 2015
    Spray white vinegar on the blind, wipe it off with a soft cloth. If the blinds are dark I use crumbled up newspaper.

  • Darla Darla on Apr 23, 2015
    Get some cheap white cotton work gloves, put them on, and dip one hand in a bucket of soapy water. Run the blind slats between your wet gloved fingers, and dry with the other gloved hand.

  • Sarah Schulner Sarah Schulner on Apr 23, 2015
    WD-40 Contractors use this all the time for all kinds of residue on all sorts of materials.

  • Carol jones Carol jones on Apr 23, 2015
    thank you all for your suggestions. I have washed my first blind by hand...they are for picture windows, hard to take down...I think I will try dawn dish washing soap to see if any easier.Sallie, what is goof off?

  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Apr 24, 2015
    I have the same dark wood teak? Blinds also.I sprayed them down was not really pleased with results,and a lot of work.last year a took a soft paint brush and a small bowl of mineral spirits and "painted" them,they cleaned up nicely,but I think the next time I clean them I might follow up with some liquid gold spray,covering up the windows behind them from the spray.Hope this helps.

  • Ssreno Ssreno on Apr 24, 2015
    I recommend Dirtex Spray. It is my new favorite go-to product and was recommended to me by employees at my Sherwin-Williams store. Since it also works as a window cleaner, you likely wouldn't need to remove the blinds from the window. Is is always best to test first on any vinyl type product, but I have used on many vinyl surfaces with no problems. I've found that if something is really grimy, it works best to let it set for a few minutes before cleaning. Read the reviews on the internet--I'm not the only fan of this product.