Double Paine windows

How do I remove water or steam from in between paines

  3 answers
  • William William on Dec 30, 2017
    No way to repair. The seal between the glass has failed. The inert gas (usually Argon) has leaked out and air got in. Also the thermal efficiency of the windows is nill. The glass panels need to be replaced, not the whole window. I know Ace Hardware sells double pane glass panels and they also install.

  • Lois Lawrence Lois Lawrence on Dec 30, 2017
    Be careful if you power wash your house. That's what ruined my windows. They are not to be power washed. I had to replace 5 of them.

  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Dec 30, 2017
    Cannot happen, cannot be fixed . The seal has been broken. These type of windows have argon gas in between the panes. The moisture / cloudiness is a sign that the seal has been broken. Check and see if still under warranty.

    • Rich Rich on Dec 30, 2017
      Ah, windows are older, thank you so much for responding