How can I clean the sticky grease build-up on my range hood?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Dec 13, 2017

  • Rowgop (Pam) Rowgop (Pam) on Dec 13, 2017
    Couple of different websites

  • NQ. NQ. on Dec 13, 2017
    I use heavy duty citrus degreaser from Hone Depot, I guess any degreaser will do the job. becareful with your eyes, unless you remove it, than it’s ok. I would put paper down, so when degreaser falls, when you spray. have fun cleaning the hood is a pain cause you have to be look up.

  • Ann Cherkas Halstead Ann Cherkas Halstead on Dec 13, 2017
    citrosolve is a great product for that

  • SandyG SandyG on Dec 13, 2017
    Make sure to remove any fan covers/grids, light covers and soak in the sink while cleaning hood. Cover stove top with paper or old towels and get a bucket of warm water and de-greaser spray. Spray, and let de-greaser set a minute or two and start wiping the hood. It may take a while as it is not easy to get to and it is dirty work, but worth it.