Asked on Sep 12, 2016

Cleaning the permanent slip-guard "dots" in my porcelain bathtub

by Cecilia
I'm wondering if anyone has a hack for cleaning the ground-in dirt out of the non-slip pieces on the bottom of bathtubs that came permanently embedded in the bathtub?
As you can see, the rest of tub is shiny, but I have scrubbed the dots & cannot get them pure white again.
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  • Oldglass Stuff Oldglass Stuff on Sep 12, 2016
    A Pumie Brand pumice stone scouring stick and A LOT of elbow grease will take the stain away for awhile, but it will come back and you will have to touch the surface up with the stone from time to time. Don't even bother with anything else, nothing else works. The tub surface is etched and the only thing that will keep it from attracting this discoloration is refinishing the tub itself. You may need to buy as many as 4 sticks to do this job (I did). These are widely available, but the cheapest place to buy them by far is at a 99 Cent Only Store (if you have those in your state).
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 12, 2016
    I would try a paste of baking soda mixed with white vinegar. Rub on to the soiled area and leave on over night.May help not 100% sure.
  • Pat Pat on Sep 12, 2016
    Clorox Soft Scrub works well. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.
  • Nancy Nancy on Sep 12, 2016
    Zep "as seen on TV, can get at Walmart. spray lightly scrub and it is all clean. No smell either, You can use full strength or 1:1 ratio. was also Awsome on the soap scum. I have tried all of the things on Pintrest and this works better and faster, Use on grout also. good luck
  • Dawn Johnson Creedon Dawn Johnson Creedon on Sep 13, 2016
    Magic eraser?
  • Rosemary Kelly Rosemary Kelly on Sep 13, 2016
    Make a paste of Bleach and Comet cleanser. Make sure the room is well-ventilated. They are both Chlorine based. Let it sit for a couple hours. Rinse.
  • Teresa Teresa on Sep 13, 2016
    Bar Keepers Friend works amazingly! My tub has never been so clean.
  • Karen Karen on Sep 13, 2016
    I have that problem too. I use Mr Clean bathroom cleaning sponges and you just wet it and rub it. No problem for me at all. I also clean my glass doors and get soap scum off. So easy
  • Nan10610499 Nan10610499 on Sep 13, 2016
    I use vinegar and if stuborn [not me, the spots], I sprinkle salt after rinsing area in vingar, let set a minute, scrub and 'voila'!
  • Jfb10462781 Jfb10462781 on Sep 13, 2016
    I use "Soft Scrub". Let a few drops stand a short time. And scrub lightly. Maintains their purpose and are white again!
  • Patricia Ginter Vanburen Patricia Ginter Vanburen on Sep 13, 2016
    My shower floor was like that and I just used Comet spray cleaner and a scrub brush. Be sure to cover your nose and mouth as this is a fine spray and it irritated my nose. Now my floor in the shower is white again.
  • Ruth Coates Ruth Coates on Sep 13, 2016
    Kaboom works well with scrub brush.
  • IFortuna IFortuna on Sep 13, 2016
    I vote for the Mr. Clean scrubber and a vinegar/baking soda blend rather than inhaling some other stuff. : )
    • Camille Camille on Oct 13, 2016
      I clean homes for a living and I can attest to the Mr. Clean scrubber on that type of stain. Works like a charm, and I've shown this to many folks.
  • Nan10610499 Nan10610499 on Sep 14, 2016
    No matter...I use white if I have, but apple cider vinegar works as well...also cleans jusr about anything in your home! My grandma lived till 102...I asked her what one thing did she do to have kept her health o long and she said everyday he'd put a TBL or 2 into half glass of water and drink...APPLE! She'd be alive today if he wouldn't hve had to go nursing home...she fell and broke her hip standing still...."I" know her hip broke and she then fell! She lived alone and had always said, she'd rather die than to go to a NH! She lost her will!
  • Dor11399130 Dor11399130 on Sep 16, 2016
    Nail polish remover works, it takes it off easily, I did it myself
  • Bob trash Bob trash on Nov 28, 2021

    Had same type as photo but even dirtier. For less than $10 using dish soap, Pine Sol, Bar Keepers Friend, a dish brush and 30 minutes actual scrubbing and rinsing time the tub looks great. Use 1 thing at a time, scrub, let sit, rinse. Repeat until it's clean. Any full strength heavy duty degreaser will work so Pine Sol is not necessary. Bar Keepers is necessary or maybe Bon Ami. Not Comet or Ajax. You can do it if I did! But you gotta scrub those circles. Read directions on your cleaners regarding mixing.

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  • Bob trash Bob trash on Nov 28, 2021

    Forgot to say this is a cast iron tub.

  • Deb K Deb K on Dec 05, 2021

    Hello, I use bleach, diluted half and half with warm water, and a toothbrush, dip the brush in the bleach solution and scrub each dot, do a rinse and repeat if necessary, hope this helps you.