How do you clean vinyl venician blinds?

by Peggy

The blinds in my dining area of the kitchen are coated with grease and a ton of dirt. I didn't know how bad until went to dust them. I can cut the grime. How do I clean the blinds?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 25, 2016
    Take the blinds down and soak in the bath tub with vinegar,and dawn dish soap.The combination should break down the grease.
  • Kay Kay on Apr 25, 2016
    Run a hot water bath and pour in "Sudsy Ammonia". Take your blinds down (in the down position) and place them in the bath to soak. Wipe them down, rinse and set on a towel to soak up the water. Rehang.
  • Mary Loper Mary Loper on Apr 25, 2016
    I also wash mine in the bathtub. I use a soft brush on them after they have soaked for an hour or two in hot water with whatever cleaning solution I have at the time. Then I wipe them down and hang them up. It's not a job I love doing, but it's effective!
  • Mary Mary on Apr 25, 2016
    I also soak mine in the tub with TSP for an hour or so. I then take outside and hang on a clothesline and hose off and let the sun dry them, then re-hang. Clean, clean, clean.
    • Jennie Lee Jennie Lee on Apr 26, 2016
      @Mary The clothesline is a good tip. If you have anywhere, especially outside, where you can hang the shade to dry, with it opened up, so that the slats are separated from each other, it avoids leaving dirty spots.
  • Kar Kar on Apr 25, 2016
    Ammonia in the bathtub works great
  • Patti McCarty Patti McCarty on Apr 25, 2016
    Bathtub for me, too, with Fabuloso and hot water. After about a half hour, or so, I get out the broom or some other brush-of-sorts, and give them a swish or two to loosen the grease. Makes the entire house smell Fabulouso, too.....always reminds me of Mexican street merchants who scrub the sidewalks in front of their storefronts each morning with Fabuloso and water before putting out their wares .... <ah, the smell of Fabuloso and coffee in the morning>.... then I let them drip on the fence, spray them a bit with the "mist" or "shower" setting on the hose nozzle. I think the sunshine helps them smell fresh again, too. Sometimes you have to rinse a couple of times.
  • Donna Donna on Apr 25, 2016
    I hang mine outside, spray them with Greased Lightning, let set for a few minutes then spray off with the water hose. Leave to dry then re-hang; they're peachy clean with no scrubbing involved :-)
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    • Jennie Lee Jennie Lee on Apr 26, 2016
      @Janet Pizaro I'm not even sure you can get TSP anymore; I think they banned it. People have gotten into the habit of calling TSP Substitute simply "TSP". Everything I've seen says "TSP Substitute" if you look closely. Also, if you need to wipe/rub them with anything, as usual, Magic Erasers are great! I'd check in a hidden spot to make sure the blind doesn't have a colored finish that would come off.
  • Jeri Walker Jeri Walker on Apr 25, 2016
    Yes Donna said it the best way. I do all my blinds that way.
  • Jan Smith Jan Smith on Apr 25, 2016
    I take mine to the car wash, hang them on the floor mat place, and spray away. Works like a dream.
  • Donna Donna on Apr 25, 2016
    It is available at most stores here in NC. It has never harmed my grass and plants but it does a very good job of cutting grease.
  • Kathy Winning Kathy Winning on Apr 25, 2016
    my kitchen windows are short, I just run then through he dish washer. I did put them in the dishwasher diagonally so they would fit, secure the strings.
  • Alyce Lenzen Alyce Lenzen on Apr 26, 2016
    I don't know how long your blinds are but I put my horizontal blinds in the bath tub with some Dawn dish soap and washing soda.
  • Arleen Arleen on May 27, 2016
    The blind over my kitchen sink was filthy but I could not get it down to clean but I came up with a solution that worked great for me including getting rid of the grease. I covered my window sill with folded towels, lowered the blind all of the way and sprayed it with Silk and Splendor a spray cleaner made for cleaning silk flowers. Iy is available at Michaels and Joanns'. Hope this helps you. Help answer this question...