Asked on Apr 03, 2015

How to clean sheet rock dust off laminate floors?

I'm remodeling and the laminate floors had sheet rock dust, saw dust and dirt on them. I scrubbed 4 times with a small amount of Murphy's oil soap twice, cold water and warm water once. The floors are still streaked and don't look clean.
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  • Emma Pettit Emma Pettit on Apr 03, 2015
    sounds like the dust has turned into almost a drywall type mud. I had the same problem once and I use a small amount of peanut oil in warm water. I rinsed the rag in a different pail of warm water it took a while on my hands and knees.
  • Ednamae Smith Ednamae Smith on Dec 08, 2017

    wipe down with waterbased wood stain in a shade darker than mid range color and mop clean

  • So Murphy's should not be used on Laminate flooring. It will leave your floors streaked, with or without the added sheetrock dust. You also should not mop your laminate floors with water. Water seeping down into the cracks of the laminate floor can soak into the compressed bottom board of the laminate flooring causing it to swell and split the seams apart and, well, ruin your floor. I highly recommend using this product for your laminate floors. It's an alcohol base and dries very quickly, leaving no streaks! You'll probably need to wash your floor with it a couple of times, letting it dry in between, to get the Murphy's residue off. To use this floor cleaner, just spray it directly on the floor and mop floor. ( a swiffer wet mop works great, just don't use the cleaner it comes with!)