I need a recipe for a natural way of clearing clogged drains. Thanks

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  • Sue Sue on Feb 18, 2018
    Make a paste of course salt and water. Works well on mine. Let me know.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 18, 2018

  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Feb 18, 2018
    I used course salt and it completely blocked up my pipes. It turned HARD !!! Now use Vinegar and baking soda...followed by hot water. Go buy one of those very cheap snake type plastic thingies....so useful !

  • John John on Feb 18, 2018
    It’s always a good idea to remove the trap 1x or 2x a year and clean out.

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Feb 18, 2018
    Pour some baking soda over the drain, pour vinegar over that. Be ready with something to cover the drain, it will fizzle. Wait about a half hour and rinse.