Plastic "turned" sticky

by 2da7500243
I was gifted an old portable hair dryer that had been closed and stored in a cardboard box, but in the "suitcase -like" box it came with and the tubing is all sticky. Can you tell me the cause for this and how to remedy it? It is like someone poured olive oil on the plastic air-hose.
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  • Dawn Gagnon Dawn Gagnon on Jun 17, 2016
    Have you tried using rubbing alcohol? That would be one I'd try. I would also give degreaser a go.
  • William William on Jun 17, 2016
    It probably was stored away so long the tubing just started to break down. Without air circulation the tubing stared to deteriorate. Try Dawn Gagnon's suggestion .
  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Jun 17, 2016
    Plastic and rubber items will start to break down due to age and possibly storage conditions. I researched this phenomenon when dolls from my childhood (60+ years ago) did this...and there apparently is no solution to the problem.
  • Daw3000588 Daw3000588 on Jun 18, 2016
    When I had dolls do this I put baby powder on them so their clothes would go on. I cleaned with warm water and Dawn first. You don't have anything to loose by trying this.
  • Joann Joann on Jun 18, 2016
    If it's just on the surface, a citrus oil cleaner might help (lemon or orange oil), but it may be, as some other said, the plastic has just broken down due to age and heat.
  • Kathy Ball Kathy Ball on Jun 18, 2016
    Try some Goo Gone. It has a citris base to it. A small section at a time to make sure that the plastic is still in good condition. If it is, then work the Goo Gone in with your hands & wipe the excess off with a soft cloth. This will also help to preserve it for when it is stored. :)