Asked on Jan 27, 2015

Removing hair dye from vinyl floor

Is there any way to get out stains caused by hair dye that dripped onto my vinyl(?) bathroom floor? I've tried bleach and hydrogen peroxide without luck. The floor is mainly white and the stains are brown.

It must be magic!

Is there something this can't do? This Mr. Clean magic eraser is the one that Amazon reviewers swear by!

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  • Lea Grossman Lea Grossman on Jan 27, 2015
    Have you tried vinegar?
    • Ady Pinto Johnson Ady Pinto Johnson on Dec 20, 2020

      I just did that also. A couple of brown hair dye spills.. nothing works!! I’m so mad at myself. Brand new floor. Tried: vinegar, peroxide, nail polish remover, alcohol, magic eraser.... uugh

  • It is doubtful that the stain will come out. But are you sure the stain was caused by the dye? It can also be caused by moisture that can occur from toilet flange leaks between the vinyl and the sub floor. Also if the vinyl is placed onto cement floor moisture that seeps up from the cement can cause all sorts of stains often resembling that of something that was spilled. Vinyl surfaces that are often porous can allow dyes and other spills down under the surface. Once this occurs the paper materials that make up how a vinyl floor is made soaks up the liquids and once that happens there is no way to remove the coloring. It is suggested that you wax the surface of your vinyl floors to assure that the surface does not become porous and where microscopic size holes develop the wax will seal them and prevent future stains such as this.
    • Jani Jani on Jan 29, 2015
      @ @Woodbridge Environmental this is true..I agree.. I know because I have what I thought as 'rust' spots. But I tried everything. They seem to appear here and there.. and sometimesI ask myself, "how'd that get there??" I've tried everything. nothing's worked so far.
  • Melissa Dawn Terrel Melissa Dawn Terrel on Jan 27, 2015
    I have no idea if this would work or not, but, they do sell a product at beauty supply stores that strips hair color out of hair for people that want to go back to their natural color. It may be expensive, and you may only need a small amount to find out that it may not even work. That's the only thing I know of. Good luck! :)
  • Sheri Ketarkus Sheri Ketarkus on Jan 27, 2015
    Hydrogen peroxide? It's basicall what is used to remove hair color from hair (I remember that from cosmetology school). Good luck
  • Rebecca Van Campen Rebecca Van Campen on Jan 27, 2015
    AMMONIA....the miracle chemical! Or Chlorox cleanup. Those two things do it all. Test somewhere else to make sure it doesn't do things you didn't wish for.
  • Kathy Eskew Kathy Eskew on Jan 27, 2015
    I'm disabled but I Dnt let it stop me frm coloring my own hair but cuz of it I make the biggest mess that wld b on walls floors heck every were so my daughters beautician friend said hair spray them as soon as u can But I have tried on 2wk old stains on the wall I saw a difference so I did it again & after 3sprays all gone even got my deposit bck after dong this does take time but it does come off..I hope this trick wrks for U2 but nxt time use this idea as soon as u notice it I knw u Dnt onw Uve spilt it till the color starts processing so basically as soon as I notice the color appearing were u dint knw u spilt it give it a try I always do it in my clean up process no use 4me 2do it till all done colorin my hair cuz I guarntee the hole bathroom is coverd on it..
  • Frank Frank on Jan 27, 2015
    This happened to me last Halloween, trying to dye my hair Red. Well I tried wiping the dye up with a paper towel but it left a stain. So then I tried the Mr. Clean Magic eraser and it WORKED! It basically erased the the stain off of my white vinyl floor. I had to scrub a little more for the the dye stains in my tub, but it was breeze for the floor.
  • Gina Gina on Feb 28, 2022

    I just did the same thing on my brand new floor. I used Clorox scrub cleaner. Scrubbed hard and let it sit about 20 min. Then added bar keepers friend for more texture and scrubbed. It ALL came up. So glad!!!!