We want to know what to use to clean a stained concrete floor

Susie Johnston
by Susie Johnston
We want to also give it a shine.
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  • Barb Barb on Aug 30, 2015
    Do you know what made the stain? If you don't know what it is then try mixing one part hydrogen peroxide to two parts dawn dishwashing liquid. The blue kind. I have used this on just about everything in the house and it has always worked.
    • Andi Brown Andi Brown on Aug 04, 2017

      Hi Barb,

      My stains are from vomit from a drinking person. What will clean that acidic stain? Thanks.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Aug 30, 2015
    Try mr clean magic eraser. If that docent work there is a product called rejuvenate available for all types of flooring.
  • Susie Johnston Susie Johnston on Aug 30, 2015
    Barb, There are just really bad worn spots from over the last 10 years.
  • Susie Johnston Susie Johnston on Aug 30, 2015
    It is stained concrete; not a stain in it if that makes sense.
  • Nancy Gramm Nancy Gramm on Aug 30, 2015
    I hope you get a good answer, Susie. I have similar floors from the same time period with marks in my kitchen and my laundry area.
  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Aug 30, 2015
    To clean it First,I would try borax made into a paste with water and a cloth rubbing the surface,if that doesn't clean it use a scrub brush.Once you clean it,it will need a sealer.Not sure of any names but the hardware store should be able to help you.You buy borax at Walmart for about 2.00 a box.will last forever.Great for tough stains,would not use it on marble or glass.
  • DC DC on Aug 31, 2015
    I have stained concrete floors that I stained myself. Love them! After you clean them, you could add a sealer, which will really make them pop and look totally different......all of the awesome color detail comes out. I will tell you that the sealer has a very very strong odor for a day or two. If you have a lot of stained concrete floor space, you might have to go to a hotel for a day (fun!) If it's a specific room or two you could close the doors and keep a couple fans going. I did try a more "green" less odorous product that did not leave the shine that I was looking for at all......so switched back to the smelly kind. The sealer will also protect your floor and keep your stain true-to-color longer. There are probably less odorous sealers on the market that give you a good shine, but I just didn't find any at the time I was looking. Give it a google search and check it out. It will make a tremendous difference in how your floors look.
  • Kristin Topping Kristin Topping on Sep 01, 2015
    As far as your question is concerned,in my opinion stopping dirt or mud from entering your house is the starting point for protecting floors. Outdoor Scraper Mats at each entrance take off debris such as mud, small pebbles, etc. that stick to the bottom of shoes and can severely scratch flooring.I think you can do this work in a more thorough way if you hire a good professional of a certified flooring company. Great job you have done.
  • As far as your question is concerned, in myview a little paint can save your water-damaged concrete floor. Withproper preparation, floor paint adheres well to laminate flooring, and althoughthe floor will look different with a coat of paint, it still can be attractive.
  • HouseLogic.com HouseLogic.com on Sep 09, 2015
    We posted how to clean concrete floors here: http://goo.gl/uIKZpY FYI, this URL also shares how to paint concrete too. If you have any questions, let us know!
  • Peg Peg on Sep 11, 2015
    How to clean good vinyl flooring that drinking alcohol was spilled on & has left a different look and feel to the vinyl.
  • Brenda Brenda on Jul 13, 2016
    What can be done about scratches on stain concrete floors?