Best way to remove smoke smell from kitchen cabinets ?

Tx dog lady
by Tx dog lady
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  • Before resorting to the chemical route, try a solution of 50 / 50 water and vinegar. Wipe inside as well as all outside surfaces. Then wipe down with a damp cloth. Let dry and see how it smells.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 03, 2018

    white vinegar

  • Kelli Kelli on Jun 03, 2018

    The vinegar/water solution has worked for me in the past. My Father used to smoke in his home so all of his furniture was very stinky and had years of tar and nicotine build up. When I moved him in with me bc of health issues, I left all of his belongings in my kitchen and got out the vinegar and water and sprayed a ton of it on a soft towel I no longer wanted and started to clean it. It took about 3 times to get the furniture cleaned and still has a slight scent left behind, but for the most part, it works.

    • Tx dog lady Tx dog lady on Jun 06, 2018

      Thanks fellow Texan, really glad you mentioned using the towel - I probably would have used up a whole roll of paper towels. Have a blessed day.

  • Jill Jill on Jun 03, 2018

    I also read to place bowls of baking soda inside drawers and cabinets to absorb the smoke smell from long term exposure and helps to get what the vinegar and water mixture doesn't remove.I am currently trying this in my dresser drawers, and am hoping it works!! Good luck! jill

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    • Tx dog lady Tx dog lady on Jun 06, 2018

      Jill, thank you for the very thorough response --really glad to know about the untreated wood, and that the solution even is okay to use on cloth surfaces. Have a blessed day.