A truck leaked hydrolic fluid on our drive, how do we clean it?

by Lhanson
It is on the asphalt.
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  • Cat litter will absorb it then use Dawn dishsoap and water.
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    • Dale Whittington Gordon Dale Whittington Gordon on Sep 18, 2015
      @Sheila Sherok Dandurand-Williams I was going to suggest this too, we used soap and water on gas, etc.spills when I ran with the fire dept. Our hoses on the truck had great volume and pressure tho which made it easier....
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 17, 2015
    The auto parts stores sell the products for that if you do not have cat litter.
  • Z Z on Sep 17, 2015
    I'll add that the least expensive clay litter works the best. And like Sheila said, Dawn dishsoap. That's my go to cleaner for most anything.
  • Rayleybabs Rayleybabs on Sep 17, 2015
    There is a concrete cleaner at Jerrys. Just follow directions.
  • Lisa House Lisa House on Sep 18, 2015
    The company that owned the truck is responsible for the clean up!
  • Al Al on Sep 18, 2015
    It depends on what you have in your area. Sawdust or sand will do. Sprinkle ample amount enough to cover it and let it stand for ten minutes. Using a broom or brush rub the sawdust or sand on the oil leak . Sweep ro check and repeat provedure if necessary.
  • MamaSita MamaSita on Sep 18, 2015
    Dr pepper.. It's the phosphoric acid that eats away at the oil or transmission fluid etc. Just brush it in , then wash with dawn.
  • Jonnie Hammon Jonnie Hammon on Sep 18, 2015
    Cat litter, or any absorbent material. Then wash down with dawn dish soap.
  • Kini Kini on Sep 18, 2015
    After cleaning if you still have a stain, an is way to hide it is..... Get quick set cement, water the area real good and when still wet sprinkle on the cement mix. Let set. It will help hide the stain. Repeat when needed.
    • Eloise Eloise on Sep 18, 2015
      @Cindy Platt Hanlon Isn't asphalt black? Wouldn't the quick set cement make a more obvious eyesore than the hydrolic fluid stain?
  • Kini Kini on Sep 18, 2015
    Sorry, thought you had a cement drive way.
  • Jacquie Jacquie on Sep 18, 2015
    Sand.....pressure wash, the fluid will eat the asphalt and leave you with a pothole.....as your depth on a drive isn't 6" thick.
  • Madisyn Madisyn on Sep 18, 2015
    Oil dry
  • Neva Dew Neva Dew on Sep 18, 2015
    I would say clean as best you can, if the responsible company will not, and if there is still a stain then get the driveway sealcoated -something that needs to be done every few years to protect an asphalt driveway.(PS I work for an asphalt paving company)
  • Steve Steve on Sep 18, 2015
    Powder or granular detergent then kitty litter on top, broom around, then let sit. Broom up and remove. Repeat if needed.
  • Alfr1 Alfr1 on Sep 18, 2015
    Kitty litter on fluid area, then take a piece of cardboard bigger than your shoe under each shoe and slip-slide across it in tiny sliding steps, after a minute of this wash off remaining litter and see lighter, less stain,,,works on concrete slabs and inside garages, too. From an old mechanic.
  • Gal1931013 Gal1931013 on Sep 18, 2015
    Try vinegar dawn dish soap baking soda
  • Annalee K Trimm Irwin Annalee K Trimm Irwin on Sep 18, 2015
    A those are awesome ideas! I was going to suggest the kitty litter and dawn soap😄
  • Donna Byram Donna Byram on Sep 18, 2015
    Oil Dri from Walmart or auto parts store. Just follow instructions. We used this in our autobody repair shop where we got all kinds of leaks.
  • Carol Carol on Sep 18, 2015
    Dry Lock Etch from the hardware store worked really well for me on oil stains on my cement driveway after treating with degreaser soap and baking soda.
  • C C on Sep 18, 2015
    Pour room temperature coca cola on it. Seriously. Look it up if you don't believe me. Kitty litter also works.
  • Andrew Kaci Hili Andrew Kaci Hili on Sep 18, 2015
    Hydraulic oil is hygroscopic so simply using your hose pipe water should be enough to kill it and remove it.
  • Melissa Hart Haiss Melissa Hart Haiss on Sep 18, 2015
    Sprinkle with kitty litter. Let soak up. Sweep off.