Asked on May 10, 2019

How do I clean resin statues?

Terry Valenza
by Terry Valenza

I have 2 white resin statues that have been outside for a number of years. They actually have moss growing on them and I would love to clean them up and make them like new again. Please help!

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  • Cynthia H Cynthia H on May 10, 2019

    I used a soft scrub brush to first clean with soapy water. Then I used a product called Wet it and Forget it with great success

  • William William on May 10, 2019

    Brush off the moss best as you can. Then use a 50/50 mix of bleach and warm water and a brush. Rinse well. Then use a 50/50 mix of vinegar and warm water qand a brush. Rinse well. Do not mix bleach and vinegar. Fumes are harmful. Bleach will clean the moss. Vinegar will kill the spores.

  • Terry Valenza Terry Valenza on May 10, 2019

    I’ll try this.

    Thank You!!

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on May 10, 2019

    Cleaning with vinegar and a brush is probably your best bet to gently clean. Check out wet & forget outdoor. It will slowly clean or if you don't want to wait, keep clean in the future.