Strong odor coming from woodstove

we clean it once per year. Is there something I can put into the stove to absorb odors?
q strong odor coming from woodstove
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  • Brenda Brandt Deason Brenda Brandt Deason on May 30, 2018
    It could be from animals nesting in your chimney, in which case there could be something dead causing the stink. It would need to be removed. In most fireplaces, heat from the fire would destroy most sources of odors, so I would start with the chimney.

  • Dfm Dfm on May 30, 2018
    Charcoal bricks non treated for quick starting will absorb orders. You do need to find the source. If you don’t have a chimney cap in might want to get one.

    • Nancy Nancy on May 30, 2018 you mean barbecue briquets? Hadnt thought of that.

  • Sharon Sharon on May 30, 2018
    If your using that stove daily, cleaning once a year is putting you at risk for a chimney fire.... its recommended to clean 2 - 3x a year depending on the quality of wood your using. Was it painted anytime this year? it could be that. or the critter in the stove pipe is a possibility if you don't have a screened chimney cap.

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    • Sharon Sharon on May 30, 2018
      What is that on the floor and behind it, is it real stone or some kind of laminate? its recommended to be 36" from the back wall and furnishings. Maybe its getting too hot. I did have an air tight here that had some kind of fiberglass type gasket around the inside door that stunk when it got real hot. I had the whole thing pulled out and the chimney taken down.

  • Kelly-n-Tony Kelly-n-Tony on May 30, 2018
    Stores like Tractor Supply sell something called PDZ which absorbs odor and dries things out. Try that.

  • Kc Kc on May 30, 2018
    Are you trying to get rid of lingering smoke odor during summer months when the stove isn't being used? After you clean and vacuum it out, try pouring baking soda over the bottom of the fire box. Keep the damper closed. Also, don't forget to Febreeze all your textiles, fabrics and rugs

    • Nancy Nancy on May 30, 2018
      Thank you! Hadn't thought of the febreeze. I did out a bowl of baking soda in but didn't seem to help. Will put in more.

  • Dfm Dfm on May 30, 2018
    Yes, the bbq bricks...all charcoal starts as wood, and is toasted and dried. Went on a road trip to of the off the beat attractions was a charcoal kiln. If you crush it up a bit the more surface area it has to absorb the odor. Used this in coolers in the off season. Baking soda will also help with odors...

  • Dfm Dfm on May 30, 2018
    Um, the oder of death may call certain scavengers...rats aren’t to picky about what they eat.