Will the 20% vinegar weed killer effect concrete and asphalt?

Scott Giese
by Scott Giese
Being highly acidic, could the vinegar weed killer cause damage to concrete and asphalt? It sounds like it just might be a little harsh on them.
  3 answers
  • Melia Pope Melia Pope on May 20, 2015
    Nope I use it all the time and I have concrete and bricks.
  • RustyDusty RustyDusty on Jun 07, 2015
    The rain in between uses should take care of any residual concern. Vinegar is also a great insecticide - inside and out! If you're hand washing glassware, a few drops in the hot rinse water will eliminate spots. Great to use along with your laundry detergent to freshen naturally, too. Sorry if you were already aware of these uses! :o)
  • I have used it and haven't had a problem.