Cover Your Porch Ceiling in Webs

Stretch gauzy web across your porch ceiling, to give your home an instant abandoned feel. Get tutorial here

Add a Gang of Ghosts to Your Yard

Quickly throw together a gang of ghosts to haunt your yard

Fly a Cloud of Bats Across Your Door

Cut a stack of papers into bats, and then just stick them up all over your entry way. Get tutorial here

Stand Concrete Tombstones in Your Yard

Turn your lawn into a haunted graveyard in minutes, with clever concrete tombstone idea. Get tutorial here

Hang Giant Glittering Spiders on Your Walls

Nothing is more awesomely spooky than a house covered in giant spiders. Here's how to get it! Get tutorial here

Turn Your Light Post Into a Speedy Scarecrow

If you've got a light post on your lawn, don't miss this quick, clever scare opportunity! Get tutorial here

Line Your Walk With an Eerie Glow

Add these cute and creepy skeletal lanterns to your outdoor decor in no time at all. Get tutorial here

Turn Your Door Into a Monster

Your entire house can be a monster in minutes, with a frightening expression for your door. Get tutorial here

Cover Your Windows With Spiders

All you need to create some creeping window clings and freak out your visitors is puffy paint! Get tutorial here

Put Out Some Freaky Peeking Planters

Fill planters with scary spying flowers, to instantly up the spook level of your porch. Get tutorial here