Make a witch welcome mat for your front door

Those sparkly black shoes and yellow striped stockings will have your visitors in giggles. Get tutorial here

Welcome your guests with glowing ghosts

Put a glow stick underneath a frosted lamp shade for spooky, yet funny, garden ghosts. Get tutorial here

Stick some creepy crows on your door

This probably will make your neighbors chuckle with fear, but you’ll still get a good laugh. Get tutorial here

Place some plaster fingers around your home

Knowing that they look so real but have to be fake will ensure some laughs and screams. Get tutorial here

Add some fun cement grave stones in your yard

Write some creative sayings that will have your neighbors in hysterics. Get tutorial here

Decorate your stairs into a jack o lantern

Just imagine your guests face when they’re welcomed with this. Get tutorial here

Recycle some tins into spooky luminaries

Your trick-or-treaters will definitely smile when they walk by these. Get tutorial here

Give them a witch’s message they won’t forget

A witch crashing into your front door will definitely send the message not to text and fly. Get tutorial here

Build ghosts with a sheet and tomato cages

The height of the ghosts, and the funny faces, will make your neighbors squeal with laughter. Get tutorial here

Give your pumpkins a t-shirt and stand

This idea is so cute that your neighbors will totally want one for their yard, too. Get tutorial here

Turn your home into a monster house

It's cheap, it's easy, and everyone will be scared to knock on your door. Get tutorial here

Make your jack-o-lanterns out of oranges

Your neighbors will do a double take when they realize these aren't your average jack-o-lanterns. Get tutorial here

Draw funny faces on milk jugs

Parents and kids will laugh as they pass these spooky and silly faces. Get tutorial here

Please your Harry Potter Fans with Mandrakes

Whether they're dressed as Harry or Hermione, your trick-or-treaters will love this creepy Mandrake. Get tutorial here