How can I keep cats off of my window screens?

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  • Karen Karen on Feb 15, 2017

    Hi Brian,

    It's a little expensive but it works so well to train cats that we bought 2! PetSmart carries a devise called "The Egg". It's an egg shaped devise about 12 inches high that is motion sensitive. I used it to train our two cats to stay off my car in the garage, and it trained them to stay off the dining room table. It didn't take more than a couple of weeks before they got the hint. When it detects movement it gives a blast of air. We caught ourselves a few times in the garage when we forgot it was there, LOL It is directional, so you can aim it so it doesn't catch other movement in the vacinity. I know it's not nice, but it also provided some entertainment!

    Good luck!

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    • Karen Karen on Feb 17, 2017

      I know that Pet Smart carries them. It's nice because you don't have to catch the sneaky little buggers in the act, it does it for you. If your local Pet smart doesn't carry them I'm sure they have them online somewhere, just look up cat training and Egg and it should come up. In store they are around $30. The replacement air canisters are around $12. They last first about 30 blasts, hopefully that is Enough!

  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 16, 2017

    squirt bottle of water, squirt them with it when you see an adverse behavior -like on the window screens.

  • Hillela G. Hillela G. on Feb 16, 2017

    You can also spray the screen with cat repellent.

  • Any ideas on how to get them to quit urinating on clothes and stuffed animals around the house. They have a clean box. I am very tired of having to wash thing multiple times. The water squirting works pretty well, by the way. But I like the egg idea which I never knew existed.

  • Linda H Linda H on Feb 17, 2017

    if you put Vick's on an item like a couch, the cat will not scratch it.

  • Angela C. Angela C. on Feb 17, 2017

    Cats don't NORMALLY urinate in the house once they are litterbox trained...I think the cat has an urinary tract infection/problem. Cats are really particular until the don't feel right. Take her to the vet.

  • One is fixed. The younger one isn't yet

  • Shirley Miller Shirley Miller on Feb 19, 2017

    my cats spend most of their time upstairs. I have a table under a sliding window where my current cat sits staring outside. I was afraid he would push the screen out and fall from the second story. I purchased different size cooling racks froma kitchen supply store that fit within the window frame ( aluminum) grooves and rest in the slider track. I sometimes use track locks to keep the window from opening further when I have a very wide rack in place. The thin"bars" keep his paws far enough from the screen to protect it. I'm not sure if this a problem you were referring to. Good luck!

    • Brian Ray Vanderwerff Brian Ray Vanderwerff on Feb 20, 2017

      G lookinYes i was looking for a product like the one you made..i keep looking at the grates on the box fan.. We lost a ferret to the screen pushing out of the frame and fell two stories..dont want to chance any more pets from going out like that..thanks..

  • Judy Ziegler Green Judy Ziegler Green on Feb 25, 2017

    There is a new type of screening that is impervious to cat claws. It is not unattractive and they cannot rip it. I invested in it for a slider screen, and it was worth the $$.

  • Mogie Mogie on May 10, 2023

    Scratch Deterrent Sprays

    Positive Reinforcement with cat nip

    Water Spray Bottle (but you have to be there for this to work)

    Sticky Strips (cats don't like sticky stuff so make the screens unappealing)

  • B B on Sep 10, 2023

    We have new windows with full screens. My cats love to look out and watch the birds but because the screens aren’t as good quality as the older screens, to protect them when I open the windows I’ve keep the older pull open screens , not sure how do to describe. They’re the temporary screens that you can move from window to window, and when I open the windows I only open them about 6 -7 inches.