What is a Terrarium?

Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes, from small bowls to sizable vases – with their interiors varying as well. They can include soil, sand, water, stone. Sow and Dipity is a Hometalker and terrarium enthusiast with plenty of expertise making them both for work and home. Among the vessels, she enjoys working with are glass light bulbs, which make for great terrariums. Get tutorial here

Using Terrariums for Indoor Gardening

For those who want to have greenery on display all year round (even in the harsher winter months!), a terrarium is a great option, allowing you to show off your green thumb all year round. Hometalker Sarah @ {Home-ology} modern vintage shares how you can use vintage glass storage containers to make elegant terrariums to display plants in your home in a tasteful way. She explains that open containers are ideal succulent terrariums, while closed containers are better suited for humidity-loving plants. Get tutorial here

A Glass Terrarium in a Lamp Base

Brighten up any room with this innovative terrarium lamp published on Hometalk by Kiri. You've got functionality on the top, life on the bottom, as the clear base is made from a glass jar, which allows you to customize the glass terrarium as you see fit. Moving on to the top part of the lamp, a piece of wood with a hole drilled into it is attached to the base as well as the to the light, with the lampshade placed on top. Get tutorial here

Hanging Terrarium Plants

Hanging terrariums are a stylish addition to any window and an easy alternative to a hanging plant. Hometalker Fresh Idea Studio – Therese shares an easy way to create a succulent terrarium using real or artificial plants. All you’ll need is a glass terrarium with a hook at the top to fill with your desired plant, some string and a window with a hook to hang the newest addition to your room. These hanging terrariums are ideal for air plants too. Get tutorial here

A Picture Perfect Terrarium

If your home has more of a rustic aesthetic, then this chic terrarium made of picture frames is exactly what your living room needs. Using eight picture frames, Hometalker The Wicker House shows how four frames can be hot glue gunned together to form a box, with the other four taped and glued together to form the roof. Once constructed, these painted picture frames come together to form a miniature greenhouse for you to house your plants. Get tutorial here

Turn Anything into a Terrarium

The great thing about a terrarium is that it doesn't have to be housed in any specific type of container. As demonstrated by Hometalker All Things Heart and Home, you can simply find a glass container that can be opened and closed and voila - a sophisticated terrarium. And for some extra fun, All Things Heart and Home suggests adding some sea glass. Get tutorial here

Creating a Terrarium Vignette

Just because a terrarium is traditionally for plants doesn't mean that's all it can be used for. This glass terrarium created by Hometalker Suzy @ Worthing Court Blog blends plants with seasonal décor to create an attractive display. The great thing about a vignette like this is that it can be changed as often as you’d like by swapping out different items. Get tutorial here

A Seaside Terrarium

Reminisce on days in the sun with this mini beach terrarium that will give you a little piece of paradise in your home. When Hometalker Sherry C discovered the store Artemisia, where you can go to create your own terrarium, she had to go make her own. While a terrarium typically includes soil, Sherry C decided to change things up by using a stemless wine glass filled with sand and an easy-care air plant – which only needs to be watered every other week or so. Get tutorial here

The Gift of a Terrarium

For that person in your life who loves succulents, this succulent terrarium ornament is the perfect gift. Using a hanging candle holder from CB2 for its wide opening, which she filled with potting mix, a succulent, moss and rocks, Hometalker Amy Stafford created a glass terrarium ornament that can either be hung or placed on a surface. And the best part? It took less than ten minutes to make while it cost less than $10. Get tutorial here

A Simple Succulent Terrarium

Sometimes less is more, as Homemaker Sarah Vanderkooy demonstrates with her creative succulent terrarium that houses one simple yet beautiful succulent. Sarah chose a vase that complemented the succulent, which takes up most of the space and really shows it off. After ample research on the subject, she emphasizes the importance of layering pebbles with soil to allow for drainage. Get tutorial here

Succulents for Centerpieces

Terrariums are not only used as decorative day-to-day objects. They can also become a centerpiece as well, say for a dinner party with friends. Hometalker Addison S has created one beautiful succulent terrarium after the other, all deserving of being the focal point of any table. She shares a variety of different options on Hometalk to encourage making what you like best. One of her favorites? A vintage blue mason jar. Get tutorial here

Glass Dome Terrarium

This final terrarium would look great in or outside of the house due to the elegance of the glass dome and the durability of its stone bottom. This is just one of many inspirations for a succulent terrarium shared by Hometalker Carrie MakingLemonade, who bought this show-stopping dome from World Market. She shares with the Hometalk audience that succulents are all the rage because of the ease of which they can be cared for. Get tutorial here