How do you get multiple outdoor lights running each year?


Every year I would like to put multiple lights up as I see other beautiful displays but in a smaller display. I have a very large yard but I’m disabled (which doesn’t stop me) if you have a simple way to do this, I would love ideas. God Bless

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    • Carla Carla on Dec 24, 2018

      Thank you so much. That was very helpful. Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

  • The key is to have enough available outlets. Read the boxes of lights and do not attach more strings together than recommended. Then sketch out a design and execute it. There are lots of lighting ideas here on Hometalk.

  • Cherry Cherry on Dec 23, 2018

    go to amazon, you can order solar lights on a string of lights! We put up four strings around our very large garden, it was a town destination for many at night!

    Also a lot of stores well them.

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Dec 24, 2018

    Solar string lights vary considerably in quality. The degree of light brightness they give off after dark is dependent on the length of time that which the sensor is exposed to direct sunlight during the daytime.

    • Carla Carla on Dec 24, 2018

      Excellent idea. I could have lights in the yard and not having to use electricity. Thank you so much for replying. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Once again the suggestion was great. God Bless. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.