Asked on Nov 29, 2016

Showcasing old glass ornaments, making sure they don't break

Kerry Ann Bruno
by Kerry Ann Bruno
My husband inherited a bunch of old glass ornaments(from his grandmother who passed) from the 60s-70s (very thin glass) that are so amazing, glittery and beautiful. We have children and animals, so putting them on the tree for ME is out of the question, because we would be heart broken if any of them broke.
I have decided that if I put them on some fishing string, they would look amazing hanging from a chandelier we have in our living room, and they will remain unbroken.
Hubby is still worried that because they are so old, that the metal piece on top might come loose, and they might drop.
Any ideas on how to fasten that top metal piece and loop with out damaging them?
I was thinking of putting a little tack stuff that you use to hang papers on the wall with out tape. we are afraid that glue might damage the paint god forbid it drips.
Any ideas would be appreciated!
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