How to Make Floating Ornaments for Light Fixtures With Fishing Line

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Nothing is off-limits in our house when it comes to decorating for Christmas. If I can hang a garland or an ornament on it, it will be done!

Here's how to make DIY floating ornaments, which you can hang from your light fixtures for the holidays:

DIY floating ornaments on a light fixture

Tools and materials:

  • Garland
  • Fishing line
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Beaded garland
  • Floral berry picks
  • Red velvet ribbon
Dining room chandelier

We have a couple of large iron light fixtures over our dining areas. Since we spend a lot of time at the table during the holidays, I like to jazz them up every Christmas.

Weaving a garland on the light fixture

1. Weave a garland around the chandelier

Starting with garland, I weave it through the iron design and fluff it out. I use one that isn't too thick so it won't seem too heavy above us.

Threading fishing line onto the ornaments

2. Thread the fishing line

I change out the ornament style year to year, I like the sparkly ones since they catch the light the best. Thread the fishing line through each of the ornaments and tie knots at the end in varying lengths.

Hanging the ornaments

3. Hang the ornaments

Hanging them from the fixture is easy since they hook right on. I used snowflake ornaments too, and hung them to look like it was snowing. I always put a larger ornament in the middle and hang it lower than all the rest.

Draping beaded garlands

4. Drape beads

I draped a beaded garland in coordinating colors around the fixture.

Floral berry picks

5. Add floral berry picks

I bought these floral berry picks a couple of years ago from Hobby Lobby I don't see them on their site any longer but I did link a similar one.

Adding ribbon to the display

6. Add ribbon

I put the red velvet ribbon on the garland and a pick in the center of each drape.

DIY light fixture with floating ornaments
Hanging ornaments

I hang them from the formal dining room light too, just without the garland.

DIY floating ornament ideas

DIY floating ornaments

This is such an easy project. The DIY floating ornaments are an inexpensive way to create a Christmas focal point. We always get a lot of compliments on them at our holiday parties.

Let me know your thoughts on this project in the comments below.

Have the most blessed holiday season!


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Suggested materials:
  • Fishing line   (Walmart)
  • Ornaments   (Walmart a few years ago)
  • Garland
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