Embroidered Wreath

These mini woven cuties will fill your tree with glee. Get tutorial here

Wood Scrap Photo Frames

Use scrap wood to showcase some of your best family shots on your tree. Get tutorial here

Wood Slice and Rope

Wood slices are beautiful, especially when they’re decked out with graphics and photos. Get tutorial here

Grain Sack Stars

These sweet grain sack ornaments are just plush perfection. Get tutorial here

Stacked Wood Slice Trees

Stack different sized wood slices into mini trees to hang from yours this Christmas. Get tutorial here

Rustic Scrap Blessings

Turn chunks of scrap wood into big blocky blessings for your home. Get tutorial here

Mod Podge Pictures

Using scrap paper and colorful photos, create ornaments that are beautiful & meaningful. Get tutorial here

Milk Jug & Greenery

Turn thrift store finds into holiday decor by hanging them with ribbon and adding greenery. Get tutorial here

Clothespin Angels

Fill your tree with singing angels made from clothespins to celebrate the holiday. Get tutorial here

Marbleized Metallic Orbs

Make plain glass ornaments look expensive with a mix of metallic paints. Get tutorial here

Handprint Snowmen

With your kids’ help, turn plain ornaments into families of handprint snowmen. Get tutorial here

Shabby Chic Linen Stars

These shabby chic stars are just the right amount of rustic romance for your family tree. Get tutorial here

Cross Stitch Snowflake

Make a cross stitch snowflake decoration on plain wooden planks. Get tutorial here

Polka Dot Stars

These subtle star ornaments are perfect for displaying Christmas messages. Get tutorial here

Jersey Cookie Cutters

Show your team pride by hanging colorful, ribbon-wrapped jerseys on your tree. Get tutorial here

Faux Patchwork Stars

Iron all of your fabric bits and scraps into a cute patchwork star. Get tutorial here

Heart-Shaped Nurse Design

If you have a nurse in your family, this personalized ornament will make their holiday. Get tutorial here

Mini Yarn Hanging

These beautiful hangings are so trendy, so make one for your tree with bits of yarn. Get tutorial here

Book Page Angel Wings

Cut book pages into feathery angel wings and mount them on some glittery paper. Get tutorial here

Stacked Felt Trees

Cut felt sheets into squares and stack them together into a soft fabric tree. Get tutorial here

Glitter Coated Stars

Everything looks better coated in glitter - especially Christmas ornaments.

Shimmering Chalkboard Messages

Display your favorite holiday wishes and messages on elegant chalkboard ornaments. Get tutorial here

Cupcake Topper North Pole

Turn holiday cupcake toppers into cute signs and decorations for tiny winter scenes. Get tutorial here