Faux ship lap with paneling?

I would like to use ship lap on my bathroom wall to give it a farmhouse feel, however the 1" thigh boards are problematic around the counters, mirrors shower, etc. my "bright idea" is to use some paneling turned horizontal.... About 1/4 " thickness so it eliminates the thickness issue....
Has anyone ever done this? Pictures please!
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  • I do not think the panel idea is a good one. Reason being is the panel, or most of them are not soil wood as they once were. Most are veneer grade. The moisture in a damp environment will cause the wood to swell and peel over time. Also you will still have many of the same issues with the wood edges protruding out from the wall around the fixtures etc. I would suggest that you do the following. Using a stain the same color that the ship-lap would end up being, stain around all the fixtures that the wall will come into contact with. This will prevent the lighter color wall from showing through around the edges that are not tight. Then using solid wood frame around all the fixtures to create the area in which the ship-lap would be placed within. Then fasten the wood panels into that area. The fixtures will appear to be placed into the wall. You can always use bead board on the walls. This is common in many old baths. Other then that, I would suggest that you only use the panels as a last resort.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Aug 24, 2014
    Beadboard and molding can give any room that farmhouse look. The easiest way to get that old fashioned look is to use flat boards on the walls, much like they use in the craftsman cottage look, and then paint everything white. There have been many posts on HT showing this! All sorts of neat things can be added too... a flat board across one of the panels with hooks instead of a towel bar, taking the wall higher and putting narrow shelves above for storage. I don't know how to search on HT, but ask for help!

    • Lana Westerfield Lana Westerfield on Aug 24, 2014
      That's the look I'm going for-on a budget! We are working on wainscoting in other areas of the house, so was going for something a little different in this room. I may just go ahead with the wainscot here also, because like you said, there's a lot of cute things you can do, towel hooks etc.