How do I get decorations for a wedding?


I need diy ideas for my fall wedding

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  • Emily Emily on Aug 10, 2018

    Tell us more about it. Will the wedding be in a church or where? Where will reception be? How big is your budget?

  • DDawson DDawson on Aug 10, 2018

    Look at Pinterest for great ideas.

  • Cathy Dillon Cathy Dillon on Aug 11, 2018

    I love to try to suggest budget friendly ideas for a wedding. I agree that you will get better responses if you give more info about whatever is already decided.. such as the type of location, Any colors chosen? If you are asking only for the ceremony or for only reception. Any food / type of refreshment..?. indoor outdoor? Your distance and other helpers' distance from the location?

    My good friend got married in October and one factor ( as always really) was to be prepared for cold or rain. Little sweaters, and spare umbrellas were part of the planning.

    Since I am a musician I would always recommend LIVE music! That is not the place to scrimp. Live musicians will adjust to suit you and the situation, and are generally a treat for everybody.

    For my own wedding; there were a lot of DIY things that are within my ability, but I could NOT DO them all myself, personally, because they all needed to happen pretty much "last minute". This included the fresh flowers (hired a local lady associated with the garden club), and picking up the ice sculpture (not a DIY sculpture but a DIY delivery) for the reception.

    I did drive myself to the ceremony, but arranged to have my maid of honor deliver my car back home for me, so I could leave the reception with my new HUSBAND!! in his car.

    We also did DIY photos..℅ friends... A few great photos, but mostly sort of eh. Should have designated our best photographer friend to have a bit more authority and responsibility and a specific time to require the presence of all the important people and combinations of people, according to a pre-etablished written checklist.

    We had printed ( raised ink VERY nice formal invitations). I addressed them myself and kept track of the replies. I think we designated only seating for the bridal party and closest relatives, and left everyone else to fend for themselves, since our reception was hors d'oeuvres , champagne and cake.

    I bought my own white dress at an ordinary ( well sort of expensive) store, not at a " bridal" shop, though. Spent about $150? not more than $300 including a headpiece (fake flowers in a headband), and white shoes (1989).

    Among your closest friends and relatives, what sort of talents are available? You might assign someone to 'look after' or assist an eldery or disabled relative or guest.

    But you were asking about decorations....?

    For the church/ ceremony space I would

    1) ask the church and 2) ask the florist

    I would suggest BIG flower arrangements set on some sort of stands or pillars on either side of the bride and groom. Often they are donated to the church, but I have also seen helpers wisk them away to be used again at the reception. Perhaps the front row of seating with a big ribbon bow to designate parents of the bride/ groom or bridesmaids / ushers seating.

    For the Reception?

    1) Ask the venue what they can provide ( and at what price)

    2) ask the venue what they ALLOW you to provide ( and what access you would be allowed for storage and set up and clean up time)

    3) ask your Caterer, cake maker? florist?

    4) BROWSE ( but leave ALL FORMS OF PAYMENT in you car or you house)..... the wedding decoration stuff at Michaels etc. write down ( or photograph) prices so you can calculate costs later.

    For Table decorations - I like flowers and candles that the guests can take home. You might design something, for example, that is a centerpiece but comes apart to be taken home by individual guests. If you are seating people 6 to a round table, you could create a grouping of 6 (say candles) in the center of the table. If the tables are rectangles then make a rectangle. The idea is that each table decoration has obviously enough parts for everyone at the table to take something home, rather than one person gets the whole thing.

    For the reception room... ummm ?

    Tablecloths and the color you choose make a big statement.

    Lighting is important... makes an impression.. Not that you must be a certain this or that , but imagine the lighting of a hospital for example....a very white fluorescent on pale surfaces might be too glare -y. On the other end of the spectrum imagine too dark.... Musicians might need stand lights if the lighting will be very subdued. What options are available? little clear xmas lights can be draped or hung ... they can be wrappd around a potted plant.. there are battery powered options.....

    Good luck!

  • Lyn Lyn on Aug 11, 2018

    What style do tou want? Rustic, industrial, elegant , blingetc? Can do lots if simpke but lovely things with babys breath

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Aug 11, 2018

    Fancy or casual? You didn't give us much info to use! Anyway, for cheaper casual go to thrift stores to buy canning jars. Spray paint, paint the inside, or chalk paint a color that is your wedding color(s). Use bare branches, fake leaves, etc. fancier would be to hang crystals, etc., from the bare branches, or decorate fake leaves and hang these. Undecorated hung from thread might flutter! Use fake leaves for seating plan. I can buy beautiful orchids for $8 but that's not fall but it's a really inexpensive table decor...just decorate or hide the pot. Use clay pots and just drop pots of ivy in them, perhaps adding a plant spike...tiny birdhouse or whatever...could set the theme of your wedding. Fall colors range from magentas, oranges, golds, yellows, browns, etc. just have fun.

  • Wendy Myers Wendy Myers on Aug 11, 2018

    Dollar store.