. How do you rip a 2x4 exactly in half

I have tried measuring and still enough off that it corrupts what ever I am building. The 2x4's that I use are recycled or reclaimed so not perfect.

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  • Susan E Susan E on Oct 07, 2017
    Are you using a fence on your table saw? Remember when measuring that 2x4's are not 2" x 4" if surfaced, but generally 1½ inches thick and 3½ inches wide. Anyway, mark center point, lay on saw, flip over to make sure mark is centered from both sides of board. Set fence. Cut.

  • Gary B Gary B on Oct 07, 2017
    Measure 1 and 3/4 inch to the middle of your blade, cut a bout an inch into it then turn your board over and see where the cut goes. adjust as needed

  • Michele Pappagallo Michele Pappagallo on Oct 07, 2017
    Remember to allow a little bit on your measurement for the small bit of wood that will come off where the saw blade cuts. That may be throwing your measurements off a bit.

  • Betsy Betsy on Oct 07, 2017
    Are you cutting length wise or or just in half? The saw blade takes off a bit of the wood, this is called the 'kerf'. You have to cut in the middle of the line you made to show where you are cutting the board, making sure the blade is equal on both sides. Usually this amount is so small, it doesn't really make a difference unless you are doing exacting work. Since you're using reclaimed wood, I'm guessing that all of the boards are a bit different in length. Good for you for reusing wood and making a project!

  • Tps5976345 Tps5976345 on Oct 07, 2017
    Thanks for the help but issue I think is getting the correct measurement so that it I get an two identical pieces and this is for 2x4 or 1x4 or 2x6 etc. I take in account kerf and try to get true measurement. The last thing I tried was to take a framing square and draw a 90 and then off of that line, I drew a 45 and then flipped the square over and drew another 45. I did several of these and drew a line where the lines met and cut on this line with the saw blade in the center against the fence. . This is a close as I have come to making two identical 2x2's out of a 2x4. Wondered if there was another option like this. I am using pallet wood and reclaimed wood and reclaimed 2x4s so dimensions are probably not going to be as accurate as I want.