Old barn wood planks

im wanting to do some painting and lettering on old barn wood planks . How should I prepare the wood without losing the natural look?

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  • Ann Cherkas Halstead Ann Cherkas Halstead on Dec 24, 2017
    Sand it smooth. It will be easier to paint on. Make sure there are no bugs on or in the wood.

  • I wouldn't, takes away the texture that is so sought after on old barn wood. I'd just give it a good scrub with a dry scrub brush to clean it up a bit

  • Jpo11582493 Jpo11582493 on Dec 25, 2017
    Use some clear sealer first on all or just under lettering. It will give a smoother surface for lettering.

  • Shoshana Shoshana on Dec 25, 2017
    Clean them with a hard bristle or steel brush to remove dirt and grime, then give them a good scrubbing with borax and water. Let them dry completely - outdoors in the sun and then inside sometimes even for a few weeks in a covered area if they were damp to begin with. Then lightly sand them with a palm sander as a final step, which takes out any splinters and brings out the knots and grain.

  • Hope Hope on Dec 27, 2017
    Hi. I have been using barn wood quite a bit lately...some painted some natural. I am in the process of building a corner shelf using some natural (not painted) barn wood. The way I clean up the wood is by going over it with a wire brush (use a light touch) and then I use a shop vac to suck up any dust from the grain nooks and crannies. IF the wood has any signs of mold...I scrub it down with a soap and bleach solution (I use a regular ol' scrub brush)...hose it off and let it dry in the sun for a few days. Hope this helps...Good Luck!