Other uses for shower curtains?

I was looking at some of the ways you can use shower curtains. I imagined using one with beautiful art as a way to seal a window during winter or hot summer. So many use cheese plastic or bubble wrap. Could be fancy touch for low budget.
Another thought was if you had a person who was severely allergic to dust, could use plastic like the Disney one as curtains. A quick wipe gets rid of dust versus taking them down and washing or leaving here.
Hmm if put on frame could put on a slider and be slid open or closed for either version. Wall art or window cover. Spice it up with twinkle art.
Ok you see where it could go. I know not a question but then i have no house or tools to build and see if it works. Hope you have someone who could.

  3 answers
  • Used cloth shower curtains are washed and donated to charity.
    I use a clear plastic shower curtain to cover a guest bed until a guest comes. Keeps the bedding dust free + I use the space to dry clothing that says to dry flat.

  • Peg Peg on Jul 11, 2017
    Shower curtains make excellent paint tarps.

  • A A on Jul 11, 2017
    Sew one to the bottom of an old quilt or blanket to use for an outdoor play mat or picnic spread. It will keep the moisture and dirt away from your fabric.