How do you dry flowers?

How do you dry flowers that aren't roses?
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  • Pat Miller Pat Miller on Sep 20, 2016
    go to hobby store and buy enough Silica sand to cover flowers. place sand in a box * I use the plastic shoe boxes..... carefully place flowers UPSIDE down in box and cover with sand. put lid on and leave about 2 weeks. when they come out they will look like you just picked them out of the garden... The first time I saw flowers done this way was years ago.. the lady had at least 10 different boxes she was drying. There was an arrangement on her dining table and I thought they had come from the florist.... enjoy...

  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Sep 20, 2016
    Many flowers will respond to hanging upside down in a dark, dry place. Pick just before they reach full bloom. Those similar to hydrangea do better with this than the silica or sand. If the flower has many tiny florets to the bloom pouring sand or silica on them can break off parts.

  • Sara Sara on Sep 20, 2016
    turn them upside down and use masking tape to tape on the wall. Leave them for 2 weeks & you have dryed flowers.

  • Sara Sara on Sep 20, 2016
    Any comment on the last answer. I would like to hear any.

  • Sara Sara on Sep 21, 2016
    Thanks for responding. That is truly the easiest way to dry flowers.