How can you preserve fresh flowers from a funeral

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  • Dshanbrom Dshanbrom on Feb 21, 2018
    A great way to preserve flowers is wirh Silica Gel. Michael's craft store sells a 5lb. box for $20...clip the weekly coupon and save 50%. Directions are on the box...but its easy to do. Not all flowers are good for drying...roses are great with this process. You'll want to use a plastic container that has a lid (one your never going to use for food again). The container needs to be deep enough for you to cover it completely with the gel. Cut the stem iff the flower leaving 1"to help hold the flower head up in the silica gel. Pour about 2" of gel into container then "plant" your stems in the gel....SLOWLY pour gel around flower till covered completely. I find its easier to use a spoon to sprinkle the gel on the flower head to fill the spaces between petals. Do not crowd the want space between the flowers. When the flower is completely covered put lid on and label which flower is in it and date you did it. Put container in a dark dry place where it won't be disturbed..closets are great for this. The gel is blue when you pour it from box...when flowers are completely dry it will turn white. After 2 days check container...then every day after that till gel has turned white ...usually takes 6 or 7 days. It all depends on size and densesity of your flower. Violets will dry much faster than a rose head. If you leave it in too long the flower will crumble. Spray flowers with Dresden clear spray or even cheap hairspray works...helps keep petals from crumbling.
    A great way to display them after is to get a shadowbox frame...have a favorite poem or saying your loved one liked printed to fit the frame . You'll want to leave a 2" to 3" border around the saying. Glue the flowers around the saying as your border. Beautiful keepsake for your loved one. To use the flowers in a arrangement your going to need a heavy gauge wire and florist tape. Gently push the wire into the stem of flower and use the florist tape to cover stem and wire to make your stem. You can buy artificial leaves at craft store...hold the end of leaf beside the stem as your taping the wire. Add more leaves going down your wire stem. You want it to look natural. Now your dried flower is ready for your vase. To clean your flower use a blow dryer on low and gently blow dust away. I do this once a month to keep arrangement looking fresh.

  • Jessi Jessi on Feb 21, 2018
    My brothers rose is still a bit red and honestly I had left it outside to dry on it own. It's my onky funeral flower that bends and has color. I guess borax is a good way but I've never tried it

  • Paperdoll Paperdoll on Feb 21, 2018
    Depends on the flower, but you can dip them in wax. Ask you craft store for products and methods.