Asked on Jul 29, 2017

How do you put together a driftwood sculpture?

I want to make a Heron out of pieces of driftwood, but how do I make them stay together?? Nails? Glue? WHAT!!! HELP PLEASE!!!
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  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 29, 2017

    My dad would use metal pins glued in place with 2/part epoxy glue. Drill holes directly opposite from where you want to join 2 pieces, usually 1/4" to 3/8" bit. then cut a heavy gauge wire or metal rods the size of the hole you drilled any where form 1.5" to 3" long, glue 1 half in first, when set up put the glue in other half and join the second piece on top. Sometimes it possible to use one long rod and add the pieces starting from bottom to the top.

    • Linda Meyer-Kelly Linda Meyer-Kelly on Jul 29, 2017

      Wow! Thank you! Thank you so much! Did you happen to notice that I live in Florence, Oregon also! Maybe I could see how to do this in person?  I have some really nice driftwood that is dying to have a purpose!

  • Jim Jim on Jul 29, 2017

    Between the choice of the hot-glue gun and duck tape, I don't think there isn't anything that I can't join. You may want to consider using plastic mesh fence for basic shape of the body, which will be covered with the attached drift wood. To hold the shape of the body use rebar tie wire. These are all inexpensive methods to creating forms and shapes.

  • Jac27602887 Jac27602887 on Jul 29, 2017

    I think Sharon's Dad has the right idea. Consider the real adventure which is locating all that perfect drift wood, then imagining it in place long before starting any sort of assembly. Great photo!

  • Alisa Selby Kayler Alisa Selby Kayler on Jul 29, 2017

    Wood glue

  • Linda Meyer-Kelly Linda Meyer-Kelly on Jul 29, 2017

    Also... I wish the pic was mine, this is what I want to create! I got the it on Pintrest! Be blessed!

  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 30, 2017

    Wow what a coincidence. But sorry my dad passed away and I have given all but a few pieces away to friends.

    Love Love your heron, wow your talented.... expect to see these on Bay Street in a gallery soon for sale.

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    • Sharon Sharon on Jul 30, 2017

      Thank you. And best of luck in your new artistic career. I had one friend who had gallery showing at Silver Lining on 101, so if the gallery doesn't work out try Kimberly to see if she's still featuring artists in her upstairs gallery.

  • Pat carlin Pat carlin on Jul 30, 2017

    How about Liquid Nails? At Lowes or Home Depot.

  • Pamela Carboon Pamela Carboon on Feb 08, 2021

    Here in Tasmania we have huge lakes full of driftwood, I started my woodcraft business using the driftwood. I've been wanting to go back into wood craft, so seeing these amazing sculptures has given me some great ideas.