Chalkboard Labels

Is there a specific tool used to make the labels?
  3 answers
  • Julie Sims Julie Sims on Jan 19, 2015
    Go to Amazon and find chalkboard sticky paper. I got 2 rolls a couple of years ago for 6.00 each. Im sure its gone up by now. I cut and papered all my containers, my desk and my hubby! just kidding, its the best deal. Anyone else's are "craft" prices and do not have the sticking power that mine do.

  • Terrie Watson Terrie Watson on Jan 31, 2015
    I found a pack at Walmart for just a couple of dollars. Looks good too.

  • Cecelia Mavis Cecelia Mavis on Jan 31, 2015
    some people have used scraps of thin wood painted or stained to do their labels. drill a hold and hang from ribbon could use chalkboard paint on this as well