How do you restore a OLD mirror?

by Zima
Got this old 5 inch make-up mirror, that lights up around the mirror for better view, but the mirror is faded and some of it is rubbed off from behind. Do not want to destroy it by removing the mirror for new replacement. Think I can redo the back?
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  • Marion Nesbitt Marion Nesbitt on Jan 27, 2015
    A mover once told me that if a mirror got a scratch, he'd rub the foil from his cigarette package on the back to hide it. Have never tried it myself, and yours sounds more serious than just a scratch. Maybe try a Net search for "mirror restoration". Sometimes sites have pros who will answer questions..
  • Janet Manger Janet Manger on Jan 28, 2015
    That is silver on the back and I really don't think a 'lay-person' can repair one. I would take it to a glass/mirror shop and let them replace it for you.
  • 4Real Linda 4Real Linda on Jan 28, 2015
    I did agree with above. You can do it! If you want to use her suggestion then go to hobby lobby type store online and order silver foiling and apply as instructions say or cover mirror front with plastic and spray paint back. Also use this as a test project and different repair methods. If u mess it up then go to a cheap glass cutting store and they will cut you a new mirror and glue in or get silicone glue and put in place
  • Susan Cryor Susan Cryor on Jan 28, 2015
    Re-mirroring is a process done by very professional people. Read about how it is done. It is extremely expensive. I made the mistake of having an antique buffet mirror re- silvered, many years ago in Florida. I was told after the fact that it took away the antique value.
  • JUDY JUDY on Jan 28, 2015
    Just take the mirror off and use nail polish remover to take off the old silver and just place another mirror behind the clean glass. Works even better on old beveled mirrors etc.
  • Pamela N Pamela N on Jan 28, 2015
    As a glass professional I can tell you that you cannot repair mirror damage. Your mirror has had the "silver" taken off by years of water condensation, and the mirror is "sick" and needs to be replaced. Sometimes a stencil can be placed over the damage, and an etching solution applied to disguise the spot and save a considerable amount of expense, while still looking good. It depends on where the damage is, and how extensive. Good luck!
  • Zima Zima on Jan 28, 2015
    Thank You, all! Will try to post picture. Love all your help!
  • Steffony Steffony on Jan 29, 2015
    There is a spray paint 2 step that is easy to use Walmart carries it. Clean surface well nail polish remover doesn't work in this case because of the oil content. Paint thinner is best. Please vent area & always wear mask.
    • Zima Zima on Jan 29, 2015
      @Steffony Do you know what the product, is call? Thanks for your input!
  • Steffony Steffony on Feb 01, 2015
    do believe it is made by Rustoum. It says mirror finish on the can & has picture of mirror also. Please wear mask. & vent. After using it on clear plates( we set by door . our friends write message with sharpy. ) when finish with desire finish I put 2 clear coats to seal. Good luck