How do I work with taupe walls that I'm not crazy about?


We moved into a new home with taupe walls. I LOVE color and found this bright multicolor floral rug that I am mad about, but the rug doesn't have any taupe in it. My husband does not want to repaint. I haven't purchased any chairs yet, but have a soft yellow sofa with a thin off white stripe in it. I have 7 large windows that have white cellular shades that I may replace. The floors are light hardwood. The fireplace is granite is kind of taupe and yellow with splashes of brown. PLEASE HELP ME! Thanks!

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  • Gk Gk on Jan 02, 2019

    What colors are in your rug Barb? Perhaps it will compliment what you have and you can buy chairs that pull a color from the rug.

  • Taupe is usually fairly neutral so that might work in your favor. You could also add a large tapestry on one of the walls to cover it

  • Oh I see you have more detail in your question here. You'll be perfectly fine with no taupe in the rug. There's no need to worry about matching things so closely -- based on what you've described, everything should work very well together.

  • Em Em on Jan 03, 2019

    I love color as well. Diminish the look of the taupe with artwork. The walls will not be an issue and do not have to match your décor. Taupe is a neutral so anything goes. Find some cool artwork and hang. Don't just put one piece on each wall, make a gallery of things you like. I have a purple green and gold livingroom. It was originally going to be the dining room so it was painted a paper brown bag color. the paint was new so I left it and just added things of my own. Printers trays, a small quilt, a 7 foot tall shelving unit. Your things will bring the room to life not the color on the walls.

  • Oliva Oliva on Jan 04, 2019

    Mimic your sofa by adding a soft yellow vertical fabric stripe(s) to the cellular blinds.

    Add large artwork in your preferred colors. Add lamps with colorful bases or shades.

    Bookcases or shelving can be added to introduce more color.

    Throw pillows, winter "throws", table decor, flowers can all add color