Men's 6X patterns. Any more ideas please.

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  • That is a very tough one. I found only 1 pattern up to 5x. (simplicity). You can buy premade clothing at some shops. Good luck. Sorry not much help

  • Dfm Dfm on Jan 10, 2018
    men's plus size pants, shorts,shirt pattern 2x to 6x simplicity 9477. Connie Crawford is a designer of clothes for larger people.

  • Dfm Dfm on Jan 10, 2018
    the pattern may have to ordered for you.

  • Barbara Barbara on Jan 10, 2018
    The only thing I can suggest is to go to thrift stores and buy the item (pants, jackets, etc.) in the size you need and take it apart and use as a pattern for what you want to make. My sister does this a lot.

  • Donna Lee Scott Thomas Donna Lee Scott Thomas on Jan 10, 2018
    This site might work:
    They say they have separate pieces for big bellies.
    As a petite, I am able to cut patterns down to size by adjusting (cutting or folding) perpendicular to the grain. To enlarge, you could probably cut pattern pieces vertically—parallel with the grain arrow—and tape in a strip of tissue paper to enlarge the pattern pieces while keeping the marks and notches in the right places. Use a piece of clothing that currently fits as a guide to determine how wide the added strip of tissue paper needs to be. I hope that helps.

  • Carol Arthur Carol Arthur on Jan 10, 2018
    Thank you to all your readers. It has been very helpful.

  • 27524803 27524803 on Jan 10, 2018
    See if you can find a pattern for scrubbs in a 4X or 5X... there is a "grain line arrow" running length wise down the pattern... extend that line (use a sharpie so the pattern tissue won't get torn) all the way up and down the pattern piece. Cut the piece apart on that line, use regular tissue paper to add enough inches to enlarge the pattern to match body measurements, (I like using a glue stick rather than tape... less risk of tearing and one that is "re-positionable" gives extra time before drying) Remember to add enough for "wearing ease" and also add to the top edge of the pattern for the crotch if needed (better to add a little extra.. easier to cut off than add later, less bulk). For the top... add inches to the "front and back center lines or seams (you may have to create center seams rather than folds in order to get the pattern to fit on the fabric you choose)

    Note: there is a difference in "fitting" ease... where you are able to "get into" the garment.... and "wearing" ease....where you are able to bend over, sit down, move arms... etc. while wearing the garment.

  • Dana Mashburn Dana Mashburn on May 24, 2019

    Needing a 6x vest pattern