I need help on which Lladro items these are....

I need help on the names of these items....
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I need help on the actual names of these Lladro items....I am trying to find out the value of them. I have looked online but there are so many of them! Thanks!
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  • Doyle Tami Harmon Doyle Tami Harmon on Jun 15, 2015
    The little girl figurine is called "Girl with Hoop" and is valued on ebay at around $95.00. The market for Lladro figurines has been soft for several years but since yours is retired, it is more valuable than most. Are you looking for retail value or for insurance purposes?

    • Yvonne Day Aka Miss Ruby Yvonne Day Aka Miss Ruby on Jun 15, 2015
      @Doyle Tami Harmon I am looking for both. I have An estate sale company and was hired to do this ladies sale. She had put prices on items and wanted them to be sold for some extreme amounts. I wanted to look them up to print out values to show her. Thank you for your help!

  • Laraine Laraine on Jun 15, 2015
    The other one is called 'Lady with bonnet and scarf'.

  • Gaye Jeans Gaye Jeans on Jun 15, 2015
    There is usually a number of the bottom which corresponds with the name. Just type it into eBay along with Lladro

    • Yvonne Day Aka Miss Ruby Yvonne Day Aka Miss Ruby on Jun 15, 2015
      @Gaye Jeans Thank you.... The lady had only sent me the picture and she was in a different area than the items were located so I could not look..nor could she. All of you have been a big help! I will be selling these for her soon!

  • Joe Jones Joe Jones on Sep 08, 2019

    eBay isn’t a fair way to tell value anymore. People use buy it now way too often. But Miss Ruby I did see that the girl with hoop sell for $15 at an auctioneer com site that is estate sales it was valued at $50-$100. The ones that are holding ridiculous value like you mentioned the owner had them marked are the ones of great detail like the topless woman it is up there in value.

  • Joe Jones Joe Jones on Sep 08, 2019

    The lady with scarf and bonnet is on amazon.UK for $92

  • Joe Jones Joe Jones on Sep 08, 2019

    I just realized this is 4 years old sorry Miss Ruby.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Dec 19, 2020

    Hello there,

    It is possible you can either buy a catalogue of their designs from somewhere, maybe eBay, or look up Lladro designs on the internet.

  • Yvonne Day Aka Miss Ruby Yvonne Day Aka Miss Ruby on Dec 20, 2020

    There is a Lladro room on FB that is very helpful. Otherwise they can be scene on the LLadro site