Asked on Mar 23, 2016

It doesn't look right...what should I do to my wine bottle lighthouse?

Very rarely do I have an original idea. Most of the time I am inspired by something that I've seen done already. Case in point: I found a wine bottle that was painted to look like a lighthouse. I thought, "Wouldn't it look even better if it had an ACTUAL light on the top?!!?" So, an idea was born.
(You'll need to click on the pictures below to be able to see them better.)
I had a hard time painting the black and white spiral so I opted for stripes. (Oh, btw, if you can't tell, I'M NOT A PAINTER.) After I was done, I grabbed my solar light (purchased from the Dollar Tree), took off the bottom rod and sat it on top of the bottle. Hmmm...something was missing. So, I looked at a few pics of actual lighthouses. Most of them seemed to have watch galleries so I made one out of 3" plywood circles (three of them) and painted them black. I used a hole saw to drill a hole through them so the light would fit and sat it on top. Hmmm...something just didn't look right. I go back and look through more photos and decide to make a watch gallery out of one 3" circle, paint it white, drill a hole and set the light on top. It still didn't look like the vision I had for it.
Maybe I should drill a bigger hole in the center of the circles so that it sits further down on the neck of the wine bottle. Maybe I should get smaller circles. Maybe I should just scrap the whole idea.
What's your honest thoughts?
Wine Bottle Lighthouse Cape Hatteras by CreativeChameleon on Etsy
Solar light only
Solar light with black "watch gallery"
Solar light with white "watch gallery"
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  • William William on Mar 23, 2016
    What a great idea! I like the one with the three disc gallery. The finishing touch would be a railing around the watch gallery. And if the roof is flat, you could make a cone out of thin cardboard, glue it on for the roof and paint it to match the watch gallery.
  • William William on Mar 23, 2016
    Your welcome. You have some nice talent there. Hate to see it scrapped. Just needed some finishing touches.
  • KG In CA KG In CA on Mar 23, 2016
    The railing would be great if you can figure out how to do it. Tiny upright posts & string?? My very first thought was that it looked like it could use a few simple black windows. About the size of the tiny bricks on the base. Just a few spiraling around to mimic the staircase inside taking you to the top.
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    • Vicki Vicki on Mar 11, 2017

      My thoughts exactly!

  • William William on Mar 23, 2016
    KG, I like the window idea! The windows don't have to be perfect, just close. The railing could be made from a strip of plastic canvas. Cut to length to make a 2 1/2" ring - smaller than the discs - slipped over the light and glued to the watch gallery disc.
  • Heather McKinney Heather McKinney on Mar 23, 2016
    As we speak (eh...type), I am looking for dollhouse size fencing. They have some at Hobby Lobby but I think 2.75" would be too tall. I'm going to check on eBay.
  • William William on Mar 23, 2016
    Sorry, I wasn't specific. I meant 2 1/2' diameter ring not high. Smaller than the watch gallery so it can sit on the gallery disc and be glued to it with Super Glue or hot melt glue. Based on your photos, I'd say 1/4" to 1/2" high.
  • Colleen Colleen on Mar 24, 2016
    Great idea, to add the solar light! I like the watch gallery in white, but with the three of them. The top of the solar light is a little out of sync with the could paint that white too, and perhaps add a roof and spire. Then paint the base with a door and windows.
    • Heather McKinney Heather McKinney on Mar 24, 2016
      @Colleen Honestly, the reason the top of the light is out of sync is because I photoshopped it to see what it would look like before I made any cuts. :-P
  • Sarah A. Victory Sarah A. Victory on Mar 24, 2016
    Add a small tray and a small building along side the look-out. Then gravel, grass, fake water. Cute!
  • Flossie Flossie on Mar 25, 2016
    This looks fantastic, I love black and white objects and will steal your idea, thank you xx
  • Chrissie Fry Chrissie Fry on Mar 27, 2016
    Your Light house. in my opinion i would like to see? a platform walkway near the top or spiky bits, they did that to stop people climbing them . Some small white or yellow jazz it up little windows, Size appropriate I hope this has helped goodluck ie just stick it on with a good glue x
  • Michelle Michelle on Mar 09, 2017

    I made a lighthouse out of 2 birdhouses. Check it out on my profile. I made a railing. I think your plywood circle (I would suggest only 1) should be moved down to right below the first black line and add a railing. Also, if you painted windows and a door and maybe glue some rocks on the bottom...just an idea, but I think you have a good start. It will be cute when you're done :)

  • Cheryl Markus Reynolds Cheryl Markus Reynolds on Mar 10, 2017

    Remove some of the paint to create Windows and add a string of lights inside. I also think it needs a splash of red at the top.

  • RC Leach RC Leach on Oct 03, 2017

    I think you "Done good!" However if YOU DON'T ...My suggestion would be to drink the wine out of that bottle, until it DOES look good!

  • Tcs Tcs on Oct 04, 2017

    It's definitely the stripes.

  • Steve Steve on May 24, 2019

    This kind of innovation i am seeing first time. I have huge collection of Best Decanter for Christmas Gift and wine bottles and i will try to make this kind of wine crafts.

  • Tina Wilmurth Tina Wilmurth on May 24, 2019


  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Mar 13, 2023

    Put a Gallery halfway down. Plus a Staircase to get to the top.

  • Mogie Mogie on Mar 13, 2023

    Little tiny fake window glued onto the light house would make it look more realistic and add interest as wood stairs and or railing that you could make with wood straps all cut to a uniform lenght.

  • Deb K Deb K on Aug 08, 2023

    Hi Heather, hope this video helps you out. You can add foamboard features to spice it up!