Asked on Feb 18, 2016

Repair or camouflage cracked glass?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to repair or camouflage the cracked glass in this picture?
repair or camouflage cracked glass
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  • KatAych KatAych on Feb 18, 2016
    You might try the glass repair for car windows...I had a surface crack in a windshield before and that stuff filled it in quite nicely!

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 19, 2016
    There is a product by Loctite called instant glass glue that should bond the glass.

  • Lulu Lulu on Feb 20, 2016
    If you have pets or children, perhaps you might consider having a piece of acrylic cut to fit frame (for safety). It will never crack, no one will ever get cut and you can reuse it if you change out your art.

  • GrandmaCarol Speight GrandmaCarol Speight on Feb 20, 2016
    Go to lowes, home depot, frame store OR any craft store and look for small corner type wooden trim pieces.

  • All Things Jenni All Things Jenni on Feb 21, 2016
    You can add a silk flower to camouflage the crack

  • CK CK on Feb 21, 2016
    Honestly unless the glass is huge in size, it's really not that expensive to get a simple glass replacement. Auto stores prices for this are quite reasonable. You might find it's less expensive than trying to 'fix' it and not like the results anyway. :-)

  • Shawn Marie Fernau Shawn Marie Fernau on Feb 22, 2016
    It is a fairly large piece of glass (at least to me). The picture frame it self is approximately 36" x 36". So a little smaller than that. But thank you all for the wonderful suggestions.

  • Ann Ann on Feb 22, 2016
    How big is the glass? Thrift stores have framed art and empty frames with glass that may be the right size for you at a cheap price.

  • Cathy Cathy on Feb 23, 2016
    I've gone to "ACE Hardware" in the back of the shop, purchased plexie-glass (sp?) with the frame in hand & they cut it to size. Small cost. Had to peel paper off it & wipe it clean from my finger prints with Plexie Glass cleaner (also at same store). :-)

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    • Cathy Cathy on Feb 29, 2016
      The only other idea I came up with was to "camouflage" the corner cracked with vine from craft store & hot glue it in place along the bottom of glass, draping it flowingly look to compliment picture. (Tough break on the crack)

  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Feb 25, 2016
    ALSO check at your local craft store.. often they have damaged frames,, take out the glass. I do think it is cheaper to go to the local u-frame-it place.. you can cut it with their help.. much less expensive.. I had one done a few years back less than $5.oo for a poster size..

  • Molly Brown Molly Brown on Feb 27, 2016
    36"x36" is not a standard size for glass or frames. It would have to be cut no matter where you get it.

  • GrandmaCarol Speight GrandmaCarol Speight on Feb 28, 2016
    does anyone bother to read what others have suggested?

  • Jacqui Jacqui on Mar 01, 2016
    Have not read the answers but I decoupage some napkins on a mirror it looks fab

  • GrandmaCarol Speight GrandmaCarol Speight on Mar 02, 2016
    reading the whole question is sorta important too

  • Jacqui Jacqui on Mar 03, 2016
    the decoupage repaired and camouflaged my damaged mirror. it was cracked across the upper corner and a copied on the other side to match

  • Joye R. Foster Joye R. Foster on Feb 23, 2018
    Glass is less expensive than Plexiglass and dos not scratch as easily. I would suggest calling your local glass store and get an estimate before you decide. Best wishes.