Putting pictures up on plywood walls

by Sus13660919
I live in an old trailer and I have big giant windows and very little wall space but the walls we have are nothing but plywood. Is there anyway I can cover these walls with something so that I can start hanging pictures. because I have very little space it's hard to hang on plywood since it bounces back anything I put in. I also have big giant mirrors that are taking up my wall space.
These are the mirrors that are taking all my wall space
I also had an air conditioner that I took out so I have a hole in my wall but I have it covered I just need help now
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  • Jpy11082745 Jpy11082745 on Oct 27, 2016
    Remove the mirrors, use small screws to hang things, or peal and stick hangers. As for the a/c hole frame the inside of the hole, insulate , cover hole with plywood, same thickness as inside walls,then paint same as the outside
  • Ruth Bosma Ruth Bosma on Oct 27, 2016
    Consider covering some or all of the mirrors with pegboard. The board can be painted to match your colour scheme and pictures can be hung on it. It can also be used on the walls.
  • Cindy Cindy on Oct 27, 2016
    DRYWALL!! It not only insulates, it helps in fireproofing room to room and sound. Trust me on this, I lived in two before I bought my first home. The hole can be filled with a scrap of insulation, and on the outside with plywood sealed and painted to match your home exterior.
  • Susan Harris Seeley Susan Harris Seeley on Oct 27, 2016
    You could use command hooks or industrial strength Velcro on the corners
  • Susan Harris Seeley Susan Harris Seeley on Oct 27, 2016
    If you don't want to remove the mirrors, consider frosting them with etching cream for glass. Then you could hang pictures right on them with command hooks
  • K Jones K Jones on Oct 27, 2016
    For hanging individual pictures, try using 'Gorilla Hooks'.
  • William William on Oct 27, 2016
    Use 3M Command hooks. But.....if the plywood bounces when you try to hang anything, it was improperly installed. It probably was attached to firing strips with no solid backing an no insulation behind it. The mirrors look like they were installed to give depth to the room and make it look larger. Down the line, I would remove the mirrors, check and see what is behind the plywood. If there are any outlets on the plywood walls, remove the cover and feel if any cold air is flowing. I would remove the paneling and drywall over the walls. Mobil homes (trailers) are notorious for lack of insulation, cheap paneling, low grade windows, and being cold.
  • LibraryKAT LibraryKAT on Oct 27, 2016
    It's an old-fashioned idea but you could install picture molding six inches to a foot below your ceiling. It is light enough to put up with nails and construction adhesive or to screw into the studs, if you know where they are. The idea is to hang the pictures by using either a clear filament (so the hanging part doesn't show) or a decorative roping etc. that hooks over the lip of the molding. The Command strips are a good idea for smaller light weight pictures. Good luck!
  • Rynn Rynn on Oct 27, 2016
    How about some shelves across the mirrors? The mirrors become an asset behind a shelf. Pictures as well as books and collectables would have a new home. best wishes!
  • Deanna Nassar Deanna Nassar on Oct 27, 2016
    First get the hole fixed. A piece of painted plywood is better than nothing. It can also be put up with glue; comes in tubes like caulking. You probably have little or no insulation in the walls. Most are stuffed with bailed straw which is not a lot. Paint inside even the mirrors can be painted if you don't want them or leave some of it uncovered. Command hooks are great for hanging stuff. Package should have a weight limit listed on them. They do not damage the walls if you decide to move it. You will need a new glue strip to reuse the same hanger. Over all it looks a little dark in there. Maybe a couple of floor lamps will help brighten it up.
    • Sus13660919 Sus13660919 on Oct 27, 2016
      Thank You Deanna Nassar going to get that hole patched-up definitely as easy as you made it sound going to do it
  • Barb Barb on Oct 27, 2016
    Command hooks will even attach to the mirrors for hanging pics or other items.
  • 62q10370829 62q10370829 on Oct 27, 2016
    Drill small hole for your nail or picture hook, like hanging things for old house that has a slates in wall. Can be refilled with wood putty,whenyou want to change things.
  • Millie Millie on Oct 27, 2016
    long ago I had walls like that. I removed the strips of molding between the panels, and at top and bottom. Then where the panels felt loose, I tacked them down with narrow finish nails. I could hang picture s with hanging hooks then. It looked 1000% better I also took a putty knife and some joint compound. and filled the grooves in the paneling. It was easy because the grooves are very shallow and looked just like a sheet rock wall when I finished. Add paint and it's good.
  • Linda Keser Linda Keser on Oct 28, 2016
    You could hang framed pictures in front of each mirror panel. Put a nail in the wood above. Hang the pictures from there with strong wire. Cover the nail with a bow and glue a matching pretty ribbon to the wire to cover it.