Updating an oyster light shade?

Janine Bartram
by Janine Bartram
Need suggestions on how to revamp oyster light shades. I'm in a rental so would have to be easy to remove without damage.
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  • Ali3118783 Ali3118783 on Nov 09, 2016
    See picture
    • Janine Bartram Janine Bartram on Nov 09, 2016
      I think painting it would make the room darker, its not a very bright light at the best. Yours looks terrific though ☺
  • Ese8934807 Ese8934807 on Nov 09, 2016
    Try hanging crystal beads, your choice of color and style from the shade, I used wire hooks, you can hang them even around shade or different length.
  • CJ CJ on Nov 09, 2016
    I can't take credit for this one- saw it right here on hometalk. You take mod podge and add food colouring (or rit dye instead of food colouring - 'inventer' thought this best) and paint onto shade with foam brush. Although the end result was awesome I think I would try it on a glass item first to see if it could be removed down the road.
  • Seyla Alvarado Seyla Alvarado on Nov 09, 2016
    Podrían mandarme lo en español
  • Bernadette Staal Bernadette Staal on Nov 09, 2016
    I actually have those lights and I still like them but I have at times hung decorations from the three metal clips so it may be possible if you are crafty to make a type of chandelier by hanging a circle below the light fitting and then dangling light reflecting, crystals or other items from this circle. Just make sure you don't go over board or you will darken the room when the light is on.
  • Glenda Glenda on Nov 09, 2016
    I would use school glue to paste beach glass. I think you could peel off the glass. If not, you can find these same light shades for just a few dollars at your big box hardware store (Lowe's).
  • Marie Bennett Marie Bennett on Nov 09, 2016
    Put a new shade on, keep the rental one, replace when leaving.
    • Janine Bartram Janine Bartram on Nov 09, 2016
      Its not just a shade, its a wired in light fitting so would need an electrician to change it.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 09, 2016
    There is nothing wrong with that,they are totally in todays style of decorating.
  • BC. BC. on Nov 09, 2016
    In my bedroom I hung a colorful square silk scarf over my ceiling light. I just used 4 little tacks and hung it by the 4 corners. I made sure it draped a few inches below my shade so it did not get too warm. You could even put the tacks a few inches back from the corners so the corners draped down a bit and hang a few dangling crystals from the corners of the scarf that's hanging down. Maybe one from the middle of the scarf too. Mine had fringe around it so I didn't try using embellishments.
    I would measure the light at the widest point (up at the ceiling) and make 2 coat hanger wire hoops 1/4 inch wider, and cover the hoops with paper or fabric and using small "s" hooks hang it from the top of the glass. You will have to replace the light bulb with an L.E.D. light to prevent the heat from the light bulb from discolouring the paper or fabric (or worse, setting it on fire). If the light is high enough, you can even cover the bottom of the circle of your shade. If you are major lucky, you may even find a light shade form the right size at a craft store.
  • Jackie Burnett Jackie Burnett on Nov 09, 2016
    My friend placed beach glass inside the shade. When the light's on the colors show thru!
  • Sheila D Sheila D on Nov 10, 2016
    Had same material on globes. Only problem with painting is it changes amount of light in room. Just saying....
  • Danielle Danielle on Nov 10, 2016
    Use an old goodwill lamp shade big enough to cover the light, rip the fabric off, make drops from bead garland, or scarves, or misc fabric or yarn or deco gems, monofilament line and hot glue, wooden beads, or anything else that you can think of, tie the drops to the frame and secure to the ceiling with cup hooks. Change your bulb to an LED so heat isn't an issue and the possibilities are endless. Pinterest has literally hundreds of ideas for this sort of thing.
  • Ese8934807 Ese8934807 on Nov 10, 2016
    Hi Janine, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner but I'm not at home at the moment, not sure when I'll be returning do to family emergency, but I'm sure you will like it, take care good luck
  • Reiner MacPhail Reiner MacPhail on Nov 12, 2016
    Replace-look for new fixtures on sale
  • Mar12004966 Mar12004966 on Nov 12, 2016
    Attach string of beads with paper clips in small loops around the shade. Christmas plastic beads would be nice and light weight for the purpose.
  • Jean Myles Jean Myles on Nov 12, 2016
    http://www.hometalk.com/diy/kitchen-dining/kitchen-lighting/light-fixture-makeover-14090906... I copied this to cover the very same fixture my guest room . hope helps. I am redoing the room and took down the light fixture So I cant send pic picture
  • Anna Anna on Nov 16, 2016
    I've done this many times, without putting any holes in the wall. Measure the circumference of your fixture, & seek out something round, that will fit over or just under that brass hardware. Like an embroidery hoop metal wreath maker. Or something with some flex & a 3 to 4 in. drop, like linoleum base cove, flashing or a piece of lightweight radiator cover. To attach, I use jewelry wire for such projects, Michaels has small rolls in different metals & gauges, or plastic\rubber coated if you might use this outdoors later. Attach round object to the brass hardware, & dangle what you'd like. You could create 2 tiers by attaching fish line or chain,to another smaller hoop below, then swag your dangles to it. To fill the center with whatever you're dangling, use your wire or fish line to crisscross, kinda like a pentegram or star, back and forth within your hoop. Bear in mind, if there's room, there are attachments that screw in like a light bulb, & have a 110 plugin socket on one side & light bulb on the other. This would provide you the opportunity to hang little white lights, among your dangles, or nested inside tiny hanging jars... The possibilities are endless, have fun:)