What to do with big, empty walls?

Just moved my daughter into her dorm. The bedding, desk and lamp look great, but the white wallsare just screaming 'We're so big and empty!!!'She isn't allowed to use nails but can use double-sided tape and Scotch mounting squares. I'd love to get her some posters or pictures or something to dress up the walls, but it can't be too heavy or require nails--Her comforter is salmon, white and grey, from Bed, Bath& Beyond. Any ideas?
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  • Beverly Hullender Beverly Hullender on Aug 18, 2014
    This is an awesome opportunity to really get creative! My mind is in a whirl...Fabric, cork, carpet tiles, and the list goes on and on. It depends on your budget, but you can go several different directions here. First, check thrift stores and clearance aisles at home improvement warehouses. Since you can use double stick tape, you can be very, very versatile in what you are using. For instance, find some light-weight cork tiles and working from the center of your wall (both horizontally and vertically) you can tile the entire wall or part of it. This would also work with carpet tiles. Often, carpet stores and warehouses have odds or remnant boxes. You can use a solid color or a variety. It depends upon your likes, availability and budget. These would be awesome in a diamond pattern. It gives visual intrigue and also can work as a sound buffer from an adjoining room. You can then use T-pins (found in the sewing aisle of any craft store or Wal-Mart, Target, etc) to "post" things to your wall. (Another option would be to install them with a space between them to look like ribboning. Be sure and use a consistent guide to make sure all spacing is equal if you do!) If you want to add pizazz to your wall, you could also use a light to medium weight fabric print. You could either use double-sided tape or even dip the fabric in fabric starch and place directly on the wall. It will peel off later without damaging the wall and only require washing the wall to get it back to it's original condition. Feel free to contact me if you need any further info! Good luck and waiting to see the "before and after!"

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    • Beverly Hullender Beverly Hullender on Aug 21, 2014
      @Polly Zieper Check your local floorcovering stores for "odd" boxes of carpet tiles that may have been left over from an installation and are not enough to do another flooring job. You could mix and match them easily. They usually have backing on them that would allow for double-sided tape (also known as carpet tape for some installations) and be easy to handle. Being in the Dalton, GA area they are quite easy to procure here but I have talked with several people who have scored big in finding them in different areas of the country at even places like Goodwill (or local thrift store) as it's always a surprise as to what you can find there. Can't wait to see what you've done with the wall! :D

  • Judy H Judy H on Aug 18, 2014
    I agree about cork, great idea. http://www.bangorcork.com/product/colored-cork-tiles You could always use scrapbooking paper to make them gorgeous to match her comforter. You could very inexpensively make it a bright and lively wall that double, if she likes, as a bulletin board. Imagine all of that pretty paper with some of her favorite photos pinned on top. You can also cover something like cork or foamboard with some gorgeous fabric (buy remnants) and this makes a more durable bulletin board. @Beverly Hullender - nice ideas!

  • Susan Sheffield Susan Sheffield on Aug 18, 2014
    Peel & stick wall art is very hot right now and can easily be removed and transferred to another wall or location without damage. You can check for these on etsy.com for a large selection. Also consider Command hooks for hanging pictures or cork boards.

    • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Aug 19, 2014
      @Susan Sheffield Thanks, Susan,I'm going to do an internet search for stores that sell the peel and stick wall art and see if I see anything that matches.

  • Camielle Scioletti Camielle Scioletti on Aug 19, 2014
    I quilt, so my first thought was a colorful quilt! You could go to your local quilt shop and learn to make one yourself, or purchase one that's unique, and to you taste! I hope this helps.

  • Mary Mary on Aug 26, 2014
    Hippie tapestrys