Want to paint old wood doll cradle found at Goodwill

Glorie Reed
by Glorie Reed
I found an old wood doll cradle at Goodwill for my granddaughter's dolls. I am new to painting at all. I wiped it down with deglosser and can I just paint it now?
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  • Mary Blackley Mary Blackley on Dec 28, 2013
    Use Sherwin Williams Durations...no need to prime it first.
    • Shari Shari on Dec 30, 2013
      @Mary Blackley Interestingly, I just read an article this morning naming this paint as one of eight biggest product flops of 2013. See page 6 of the slide show here: http://money.msn.com/personal-finance/8-biggest-product-flops-of-2013-1 I used it about 3 months ago to paint a bathroom vanity and I didn't think it covered all that well. Took 4 coats but I thought it was because I was using a dark color, navy blue.
  • Robin M Robin M on Dec 28, 2013
    Mayby do some sanding before priming.Just to make sure the paint will adhere.
  • Shari Shari on Dec 28, 2013
    No need to sand since you've used deglosser (and sanding now would just defeat the purpose of the deglosser). However, personally I would put one or two thin coats of a bonding primer on the cradle before painting. I believe primer just makes for a nicer final finish by filling in any imperfections in the wood and will also give you a little more assurance the paint will adhere well. You will also use less paint if you have primed first. Follow the primer with one or two thin coats of paint. Finally, if you are using latex paint, be sure to give it adequate time to cure. If your granddaughter plays with it before it has fully hardened the paint may chip or mar despite your best efforts to create a tough, durable finish. Cure time for latex can take as little as a few days or as long as several weeks, depending on weather conditions.
    • Glorie Reed Glorie Reed on Dec 29, 2013
      @Shari I have decided not to use Latex paint since I am running out of time to get it done. Maybe when it is warmer I will try again with something else.
  • Carla Lombardo Ehrlich Carla Lombardo Ehrlich on Dec 28, 2013
    You could use chalk paint, no need to sand or prime at all, then use a was afterwards.
    • Glorie Reed Glorie Reed on Dec 29, 2013
      @Carla Lombardo Ehrlich I have never even seen Chalk paint in the stores, once again, new at this, so haven't looked for it before. Maybe I will try it since this is my first time. What kind of wax, and what does the wax do?
  • Tamela Barnett Tamela Barnett on Dec 28, 2013
    I agree that since you have already used deglosser, no sanding. I would highly recommend Restoleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover paint + primer spray paint. I love the stuff! My Wal-mart carries a few colors and Home Depot has a greater selection of colors.
  • Tamela Barnett Tamela Barnett on Dec 28, 2013
    I didn't read Shari's whole answer. I, too, would recommend allowing the piece to cure. Like Shari said, the longer - the better.
  • Linda T Linda T on Dec 30, 2013
    I am a picture painter, furniture painter, wall painter, and one thing I MUST tell you is put a strong rubber band over the centre top of your paint can or jar, to make sure you wipe off plenty of paint before applying the brush to the piece. Better to have to dip more often, than having drips where you thought there were none, (i.e., at the bottom of rungs, or legs) If you have drops, and miss them, they stay sticky longer, look awful, and will need cutting off and sanding, and the scars painted over.
  • Sharyn Diaz Sharyn Diaz on Dec 30, 2013
    Gloria...Since you are a novice I would recommend you use a can of good quality spray paint. It will cover the de-glossed piece quickly and beautifully...several light coats to prevent runs works best.