weather proof, heavy duty adhesive for golf balls?

have an enormous amount of golf balls & an old rusty wheelbarrow. Want to stack up the balls so they look like snow... Only want to do this once so I need to find out what adhesive will work for heavy golf balls. Want to get this done for my winter yard art for the golfers... they need to see where those pesky lost balls ended up.
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  • Becky H Becky H on Sep 01, 2012
    I would think silicone would work.
  • If you have that many golf balls, I would sell them and buy an ice machine and make my own snow. lol What you need to do is to screw a long metal rod onto some of them and stick them into the ground near the green. Then film these guys trying to hit them back onto the course or even trying to move them. That will fix them sending them into your yard. I had a local homeowners association ask me a few years ago about the damage these white balls were doing to their homes. They were new half million dollar homes that had EIFS siding, that's the stuff with the foam boards under the stucco. Well it turned out that the installer did the install wrong and when the golf balls hit the house it stuck into the stucco. Many of the houses had literately dozens of white and multi colored balls sticking in the siding. Well got of track, anyway As Becky said silicon caulk, clear, would hold them well. There are tons of great adhesives that also would work for you as well. Just be sure it is weather proof so it does not soften when it rains.
  • The big box stores also carry a type of marine glue. It is resistant to water and temp extremes. It works well. If you have a file or rasp, just file a small spot where they will be touching. This will give it even more grab. I have made many of my paint tools using foam and PVC pipe. It has stood up for years to paint products and also spending days soaked in water and cleanser.