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Wringer Washer Re-do

Jill B
by Jill B
I want to paint a wringer washer and make it into an outdoor drink cooler. What paint should I use for the exterior? Annie Sloan and clear coat it? Exterior paint? Spray paint? What do you think would be the most durable? I also plan to paint Cold Drinks 5 cents on it.
Thanks for any input.
Update: I used spray paint. Here is the final. Love it. :)
not my courtesy of I don't have the wringer on mine.
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  • Katie Katie [[make_relative@2014-06-27T09:43:41-04:00, on]]
    Great Idea. I would take it to a car restoration shop and have it powder-coated.
    • Jill B Jill B [[make_relative@2014-06-27T10:46:32-04:00, on]]
      @Katie That is a great idea, super durable......but probably more than I would like to spend. Thanks!
  • Michele Hann Michele Hann [[make_relative@2014-06-27T09:44:13-04:00, on]]
    I just left mine the way it was! People really think it's cool and it's a great conversation piece! I have several-planted flowers in one and turned one into a water feature.
    • Jill B Jill B [[make_relative@2014-06-27T10:48:15-04:00, on]]
      @Michele Hann I can't ever leave something alone if I have a vision for it. :) I do have another washer that I am going to dismantle the tub and maybe use it for hoses. But knowing me, I will paint "hoses" on it or something else genius. ;)
  • Karen Hustus Karen Hustus [[make_relative@2014-06-27T10:25:47-04:00, on]]
    I would use a better grade spray enamel.
    • Jill B Jill B [[make_relative@2014-06-27T10:48:34-04:00, on]]
      @Karen Hustus Is that just a better grade spray paint in a can?
  • Leona Zentner Leona Zentner [[make_relative@2014-06-27T11:09:42-04:00, on]]
    You can buy automotive spray paint and it holds up very well. I have an old Maytag, but I still use it in my basement for rugs and greasy clothes. I love my Maytag!! If I could find one to make a cooler out of it would be awesome, lol good luck and please post after you redo it!!
  • Roberta Eagleston Roberta Eagleston [[make_relative@2014-06-28T06:34:10-04:00, on]]
    Had no idea people could still find these old wringer washers. Leona glad to read someone actually uses one! The best washer for clothes. Wish I had one again! :)
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    • Lora (Howard) Cotton Lora (Howard) Cotton [[make_relative@2014-06-28T13:59:06-04:00, on]]
      @Roberta Eagleston I found one a few years back while perusing the local Goodwill store. I had a friend (she's now gone on to be with the Lord) who had restored a little house in our little town, and she had been looking for one for the laundry room area. Well, I called her, she came down, bought it, we put it in my truck and took it to her little place. Darned thing worked!!! She did laundry in it til she got to sick...:)
  • Sarah @ {Home-ology} modern vintage Sarah @ {Home-ology} modern vintage [[make_relative@2014-06-28T06:56:03-04:00, on]]
    What a great idea! I want one now :) Honestly, if you're looking for longevity for this piece, powder coating is much less costly than you'd imagine and will last 5 times longer than any spray paint. I just had my outdoor furniture done + was really surprised when you compare costs. You might be pleasantly surprised! If you're curious about the process, I did a post about my experience on my blog.
  • Betty819 Betty819 [[make_relative@2014-06-28T07:26:29-04:00, on]]
    Wow! Does that photo of the old wringer washer bring back memories because that's what my own Mama had until about 1960 when I finished school and left home. Washday was such a dreaded chore using one of those washer machines but she never complained. When that's all you've ever had and used, you don't know the difference, right? Gosh, I wash clothes almost every day, can't imagine having to go through all the process she did using that type of washer machine.
  • Sue Kopp Sue Kopp [[make_relative@2014-06-28T08:25:39-04:00, on]]
    I too remember wash day when I was young! It was fascinating to me how it all worked. Even was so fascinated with the wringer that one day I caught my fingers in it. Not fun, believe me.
  • Jimmy franke Jimmy franke [[make_relative@2014-06-28T08:37:39-04:00, on]]
    Usually because of the finsh on appliances you will need to use appliance paint reg. paint wont stick very good, my dad was a repair man for about 20 yrs.
  • Kimberly Tanner Kimberly Tanner [[make_relative@2014-06-28T09:30:01-04:00, on]]
    When I visited Mexico, everyone seemed to have one. I enjoyed doing laundry with my teenage daughter with one... I think she enjoyed it too. ;) Great idea to turn it into a cooler in its afterlife!!!
  • Louis Lieberman Louis Lieberman [[make_relative@2014-06-28T10:01:43-04:00, on]]
    use an exterier metal paint with an anti-rust primer good luck- preferably spray painted with a good sanding (120>240> 360 grit)
  • Louis Lieberman Louis Lieberman [[make_relative@2014-06-28T10:04:58-04:00, on]]
    u mite also think of making a barbeque out of it
  • Janet Myers Janet Myers [[make_relative@2014-06-28T10:43:42-04:00, on]]
    I have one in my yard left by previous owners. At a delima as you are as to what to do with if. Do not want it to go away just need ideas
  • Shari Veater Shari Veater [[make_relative@2014-06-28T11:10:32-04:00, on]]
    Rust-oleum that has a primer in it...I use it on all my outdoor items, even large ones...when you are done with the project, spray it with the matte clear coat to protect it from the weather....what a FUN idea!!
  • House Of Hawthornes House Of Hawthornes [[make_relative@2014-06-28T11:12:08-04:00, on]]
    Take a look at Rustuleum's Protective Enamel that says Stops Rust on the front of the cans (not the ones that say 2x coverage). I just refinished an ugly metal motel chair with that and I was pretty impressed with it. It should stand up to the weather better than typical spray paint.
  • Diane Diane [[make_relative@2014-06-28T11:47:44-04:00, on]]
    @Janet Myers, saw them made into outrageous water features. It was on Hometalk that I saw it. Looked very easy to do. I have an old wooden washing machine that I'm thinking of converting.
  • Buster Evans Buster Evans [[make_relative@2014-06-28T13:11:22-04:00, on]]
    It doesnt look to be in too bad a shape as is .. Unless I just cant see any bad spots in the paint..I would go for the rustic antique look as is and add your drink logo... OR.. I think they make an appliance paint (spray enamel) if you really think you need to paint it... I think I would opt for drinks 5 cents on a heavy cloth sign or else on card stock and run it through the wringer a few times, and then leave it stuck coming out of the wringer.. just some thoughts
  • Centrd Centrd [[make_relative@2014-06-28T14:45:11-04:00, on]]
    Sorry, I don't know the best paint option, but I think your idea is idea for one of these old washers I've seems so perfectly suited to that usage...the "cold drinks 5 cents" idea is the perfect touch. Makes me want one. Bravo!
  • Jeri Niksich Jeri Niksich [[make_relative@2014-06-28T16:37:04-04:00, on]]
    A friend of mine has it on her porch with a couple of fish in it, they do well even in the cold weather.
  • Patti Nicholas Patti Nicholas [[make_relative@2014-06-29T15:34:54-04:00, on]]
    I think it would look phenomenal with just a clearcoat. What a wonderful conversation piece to keep the old Maytag labels and such.
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    • Jill B Jill B [[make_relative@2014-07-06T18:09:49-04:00, on]]
      @Patti Nicholas i did a separate post with the finished product. did you see it? :)
  • Barbara Turner Barbara Turner [[make_relative@2014-07-02T18:11:07-04:00, on]]
    I don't know where my comment went but I'll post it and your answer again - You replied: [[ @Barbara Turner WOW! Thanks Barbara! That is high praise. :) ]] -------------- The reason I said Rick's is because you kept the exact colors and exact lettering and sizing. :)
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    • Barbara Turner Barbara Turner [[make_relative@2014-07-02T18:29:37-04:00, on]]
      @Jill B Ah here you are! I wish they'd fix this! LOL. The reason I said Rick's is because you stayed true to the exact colors, sizing of the fonts, fonts, etc. Looks great!
  • Barbara Turner Barbara Turner [[make_relative@2014-07-02T18:29:14-04:00, on]]
    Ah here you are! I wish they'd fix this! LOL. The reason I said Rick's is because you stayed true to the exact colors, sizing of the fonts, fonts, etc. Looks great!
  • Rob koons Rob koons [[make_relative@2019-04-24T18:27:28-04:00, on]]

    You can do it yourself using Auto Paint. If you have a air.compressor should be pretty easy but even if you dont you can use same.type of.paint just in.Aeresol cans. Good.luck i have a nice 1928 Maytag myself.that still works. Dont.have heart to convert to a cooler yet.