Cheap baskets look amazing with paper napkins

These look super junky at the Dollar Store, but dressing them up is easy and inexpensive. Get tutorial here

Those cheapy fake flowers can be classy decor

Artificial flowers look like delicate porcelain details when you paint them. Get tutorial here

A $1 hurricane glass can look super high-end

Turn any tall candle into an elegant accent by adding a candlestick base. Get tutorial here

That flimsy basket makes the perfect wreath

Use cheap laundry baskets to make wreath crafting easier than ever! Get tutorial here

Plastic storage bins can be vintage beauties

Make plastic storage bins look like vintage locker finds. Get tutorial here

Sticky coat hooks solve shopping bag storage

No more randomly stuffing that bag full of bags in the closet - this hidden hook is the fix. Get tutorial here

Glass candlesticks are great for tiered trays

Stack up stylish storage using those cheap glass candlesticks. Get tutorial here

A bag of glass gems can light up a room

Put them in your window as shimmering sun catchers! Get tutorial here

A string of LED lights can dress up the patio

Poke LED lights into plastic cups, to bring a soft glow to outdoor spaces this spring. Get tutorial here

Junky plastic containers make great molds

Fill containers with concrete and make your own gorgeous garden decorations. Get tutorial here

A glass plate will attract pretty butterflies

Using $1 glass finds, attract butterflies to your spring garden. Get tutorial here

Those clunky green buckets can go galvanized

Get ready for BBQ season, with a faux galvanized bucket for a dollar. Get tutorial here