Make a pebbled suncatcher

Brighten up your windows with these sparkling catchers made from glue and glass pebbles. Get tutorial here

Create garden gazing stones

Cover a few Styrofoam balls in colorful glass gems, for an easy garden decoration. Get tutorial here

Decorate a blank wall with a glassy mural

Turn an empty wall into a masterpiece by creating a 3D mural with glass details. Get tutorial here

Craft treasure jars for your spring garden

These adorable jars are perfect for creating a springtime garden activity for kids & adults. Get tutorial here

Brighten an empty patch of the flower bed

Add bright details to an empty garden patch with barely any effort, by sprinkling stones onto a pretty plate. Get tutorial here

Arrange a sparkling bottle display

Save up all your glass bottles and pull out a few strands of Christmas lights, for a sparkling display. Get tutorial here

Decorate DIY stepping stones for the yard

Press found treasures & gems into stepping stones, to create unique beauties. Get tutorial here

Make a glassy decor accent

Cover a bowling ball in gems, for this gorgeous attention grabbing accent. Get tutorial here

Tile a fun feature wall

Looking for a unique backsplash idea? This book page and pebble idea is brilliant! Get tutorial here

Cover an old piece of furniture

On our constant quest to find interesting furniture updates, this one gets special mention! Get tutorial here

Add a pop of color to outdoor spaces

Toss a few glowing glass stones in with your gravel walkways or garden spaces to give them a pop. Get tutorial here

Dress up a Dollar Store votive

Turn a regular votive from plain to perfect, by adding glass gems to glow along the outside. Get tutorial here

Make an automatic watering device

Let your plants water themselves, by filling a wine bottle with gems & water, then adding a spout. Get tutorial here

Pretty-up a cheapo mirror

Turn a thrift store mirror into one of a kind decor, by dressing up the sides with glass gems. Get tutorial here

Craft a set of conversation stones

Before your next date, make a set of easy & adorable conversation stones. Get tutorial here