Tip: Antique Sewing Machine Part 2.....

My bathroom vanity makes me so happy! But the beautiful designed antique sewing machine just could not be tossed. Another brainstorm!! I purchased a lamp kit and a small piece of PVC pipe from Lowe's. After cutting the PVC pipe to the length I wanted, I painted it black. Then I drilled into the sewing machine, it was remarkably easy to run the lamp wire thru the sewing machine but i couldn't figure any way to stand the PVC2 pipe securely so I "rigged" it with a washer and a liberal amount of JB Weld, a 2 part epoxy. I painted all of the components black to match the machine and then went to work building a simple "box" from plywood and trim to cover the base of the machine. It is very heavy, but I just LOVE my unique lamp!
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