Glue A Glass Saucer For An Instant Soap Stand

Apply E6000 to the top edge of the candle stick holder and place on top of saucer, then spray paint. Get tutorial here

Have Bright Placemats With Hot Glue

Roll out wax paper, trace a dinner plate, and hot glue inside circle. Get tutorial here

Assemble A Patio Table From Wine Corks

Place a pine round at the bottom of a large barrel, and fill with corks topped with glass round. Get tutorial here

Bend A Tomato Stand Into A Planter

Flip tomato cage upside down, remove end picks from the cage, and spray paint. Get tutorial here

Make A Doormat Your New Wall Decor

Spray paint the mat a bright color such as a blue and sand down the mat once dry to distress it. Get tutorial here

Craft Candle Holders Out Of Your Table Legs

Remove the screws from the legs and adhere saucers to the top of the legs with E6000. Get tutorial here

Spray Paint Lanterns Made From Frames

Color the frames, secure the glass in the frames, and affix foam board at the bottom. Get tutorial here

Decoupage Plates For Photos To Hang

Print out the photos, trace under a plate, and paint modge podge over the plate. Get tutorial here

Have Colorful Candles With Crayons

Melt crayons down, then simply dip a white candle in the mixture. Get tutorial here

Decorate A Tablecloth With Stamping

Cut down the fabric and stamp down repeatedly till you get the desired look. Get tutorial here