How do I determine where to stop wallpaper?


How do I determine, for purposes of changing the fireplace surround, where to stop applying the textured wallpaper if I have vaulted ceilings?

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  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Jan 28, 2019

    My first recommendation is NEVER add wallpaper again. If you do, properly size the wall before adding paper so it can be removed later.

    • Elsa Elsa on Jan 28, 2019

      I don't have wall paper up now. It is a clean white painted wall. I want to make the fireplace and surround the accent wall in the LR. My question has to do with the type of ceiling I have and how to differentiate the 2 areas.

  • V Smith V Smith on Jan 28, 2019

    Without seeing it I would say that you dress the chimney breast up to the ceiling.

  • V Smith V Smith on Jan 28, 2019

    I too have a vaulted ceiling and a chimney but it is not on the peak side. If your chimney is on the peak side of the vault and ends at the roof angle I would still say make the chimney your focal point and just paper your chimney breast up to the cieling. If there is an angle at the top I think it would add interest and enhance the fact that you have a vaulted ceiling. But in the end you should do what makes you feel good about your home.

  • Elsa Elsa on Jan 28, 2019

    My chimney is not at the peak side either, it is in a corner which continues upward for some distance before slanting until the entire wall then peaks. It's pertty interersting and I do want to make that my accent wall with some nice shade of slate wall paper.

    Thank you